This….is London…

Edward R. Murrow is long gone, but his famous delivery lives on.

Some of y’all may not be aware, but London recently elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. There was a feeling of unity, a feeling of modernism when he was elected. Those of us witnessing the decline of a once mighty empire knew better.

It was not long before Khan began to inflict the city with his own brand of rule. First, he came for the marketing.

London mayor Sadiq Khan bans ads with ‘unrealistic’ bodies

Lest you think he meant Photoshop, no. Bikinis and scantily-clad women hardest hit. And that’s just the beginning. In what we can only describe as “predictable”, Khan held a gender-segregated rally.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a speech in Manchester on behalf of the EU ‘Remain’ campaign, with women noticeably absent from the front of the crowd.

Feminists may think he is being considerate of their constant screeching about body image, but no. He has a history of adhering to Sharia. It’s sad and tragic watching the UK bend over to Islam in their quest to be politically correct, especially in view of the fact that Muslims take advantage of this stupidity to advance their goals.

It is now Londonistan, and I hope and pray that someday soon, I hear Brits rise up and scream “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” as they take back their country.

Caption Contest!!

Seems like I dropped off the face of the planet but in truth it was just lots of stuff going on that kept me busy. I quite realize that posting a pic or a drink doesn’t take much effort but I still like to gab here, people!!

Anyway, a good friend of the blog sent me some pics he found in a government building. Needless to say, I was rather appalled with two “P”s when I saw them.

rain water lol 1

At first you think it’s rather innocuous, right? Rainwater is pretty harmless, at least it was until alarmists started screeching about “acid rain”. For years I thought I was going to burn if I got caught in a storm. But the flora don’t seem scarred and actually flourish with rainwater.

But then you see this and your eyebrow goes up in puzzlement:

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I’m drunk again

I’m a little down. I really think that Ted Cruz was not only our best bet, but could have been our new Reagan. I’m not going to do politics here though. I think I’m done with that. I think its time … to just keep my head down and hope I get out of this world before the wheels come off. For those of you that are younger or have a future generation to think of … best of luck to you.

On a lighter note … MUSIC!

Yep, I know I posted that last week, but I love that song.

There are some songs that hit you depending on your mood.

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Gee Oh Pee is D E A D

Honestly, that didn’t hurt to type. It’s just the final acknowledgement of a once fine party dying off with a whimper. As the presumptive Republican candidate flounces to a victory in Indiana, we in Sanity Central can only watch for the coming fiddling fire. I don’t believe Conservatism is dead. I think it’s on hiatus, or hibernating. Years of being told what is good for us has led us down this path. We had a chance with the TEA Party elections in 2010, but those entrenched in the GOP Establishment didn’t take kindly to rubes coming into the Big Tent.

The Big Tent… my word, but what a myth that was. I say “was” because it was completely shattered in 2010. The RNC made sure to hinder several candidates in 2012, and steered the party towards a moderate. As always, the media chose its Republican darling early both in 2008 and 2012. Once they secured the Republican nomination, the media knives came out to destroy them. And this is another lesson not learned: the media is not a friend to conservatives. They elevate the Republican candidate that can be defeated in the general election, always. And if you think it is different this time, you are sadly deluded.

The presumptive Republican nominee is no conservative. He never has been. You may argue that businessmen give to both parties to cover all the bases, but DJT structured his contributions to benefit powerful Democrats in key elections.

He is fond of curtailing the speech of members of the military.

He has wooed people talking about deporting illegals back to their home countries, but has a plan to give legal status to those same illegals after temporary deportation.

He had pledged to eliminate the debt, but since flip-flopped on that pledge.

He wants to raise taxes on “the rich”.

He tells his followers what they wish to hear, because once he is secure in the nomination, he will behave in “a different way”.

He believes 9/11 was worse than the attack on Pearl Harbor, not because more people died, but because “great people” were killed.

He took money meant for rebuilding small businesses after 9/11 and used it for his downtown building, which was not damaged in the attack.

He wants to open libel laws to make it easier for him to sue news organizations.

This is what he is. He has conned his way into power, and those who support him excuse every action at every turn. He even admitted he would run as a Republican because it would be easier to do so (can you say Arlen Spector and Michael Bloomberg? I knew you could!). We have a liberal running on the Democratic ticket, and another liberal running on the Republican ticket. Anger and resentment has led us to this point.

Conservatives see the Constitution as a foundation. Liberals see the Constitution as a barrier. We had a chance to vote for conservatives who would adhere to the Constitution. But promises of a wall and paying the deficit and everything being Great Again sounded like sweet saccharin to the masses. I was taught to be wary of people who made grand promises, because they were difficult to keep. I thought this country learned that in 2008. Apparently I was wrong.


Live or Studio?

Generally speaking, I prefer studio-recorded music to live performances. Sorry, but there’s a lot of talent that just isn’t worth a damn at performing live.

There are exceptions to this and furthermore there are performers that are actually better live.

I thought of this on my way home from work. Cheap Trick’s Aint that a shame came on the radio. The live at Budokan version.

Here ….

This one is actually so good live that I can’t find a youtube version of the studio recording. Google around and maybe you’ll find it.

Again …


Now this got me remembering another artist that was so much better live than in the studio. A more modern and completely different genre …

Roger Creager.



And like Cheap Trick, this is not a fluke.


And … well, I’m going to just throw these in too cause this dude rocks.

And finally, the love song …

As a side note … The Everclear Song. And really most of the others, but obviously this one. The way the crowd is singing along every word. It really has to be a kick for an artist to do a show where the crowd knows your songs as well as you do.

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Capital in the Capitol

Last month, I took a trip out to Washington, D.C. It was fun though brief, but at least I got to see some of the area. I must admit some of the stuff threw me for a loop. Instead of high school football practice, I saw lacrosse practice. Instead of enforced zoning, I saw a mix of commercial and residential. The iced tea was unsweetened.


Anyway, I did notice something that struck me as a bit odd.


You read that right: taxation without representation. Now, some of us who are A) aware of how History works, and 2) refuse to revise it understand why Washington, D.C. operates differently than the rest of the country. Firstly, DC is a federal district under the control of Congress, not a state. Secondly, representation is limited to a voice delegate in the House, but none in the Senate (for obvious reasons). Thirdly, though part of the land was ceded back to Virginia in 1847, the rest of it has not been ceded to Maryland. DC has a duly elected mayor and council, however. There have been many attempts to rectify the representation issue, but all have stagnated or met with little success. One of the more successful was the compromise on the 23rd Amendment that allowed for three electoral votes in presidential elections. After all the failed proposals and bills and petitions, it boils down to the fact that it is NOT a state and can’t be treated as such.

It has been argued that the best way to remedy the situation is to cede back to Maryland through retrocession. That way, residents would enjoy representation and all that that implies. Of course, the rumor goes that Maryland does NOT want the land ceded back, because with it come the headaches of representation. Most “experts” agree the only solution is through a Constitutional amendment, since the 23rd Amendment exists to give some representation and would have to be superseded. Another option is to make DC a state in itself, but that would violate the District Clause. In short, part of DC would have to remain a Federal District, and no one knows where to draw that line.

Frankly, I think the whole situation is not just bizarre, but also myopic. For one thing, though the residents of DC pay federal taxes, those taxes go to the city itself, to include maintenance of the national parks (which include the monuments and memorials), roads, public transit, etc., since it is a federal district and not a state that can generate its own revenue. For another, they do choose their city representation and can decide on city issues. And the biggest issue? Voting is not a right. It is a privilege. If you wish to exercise the privilege, move out of DC. No one is forcing you to live there. With all the public transportation around the area, commuting is not an issue. Well, unless Metro is on fire or there’s a shooting. But that is rare…ish. Vice President Biden had no issues taking the Metro into DC when he was a Senator. If you choose to live in DC, you must be willing to compromise and deal with the perks and the drawbacks of a federal district.

This isn’t Burger King™, and you can’t have it your way without a Constitutional amendment.