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Mar 4

Random Stuff in the Intertubewebthingy

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Thursday, March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Random crap. Sometimes there’s just not enough shit to fret over, so I gather it in one place. First off, Greece. That poor bastard of the Mediterranean is really hurting:

In Athens, about 200 members of the PAME union group, aligned with the Communist Party of Greece, occupied the six- story ministry building today while protesters took over the nearby General Accounting Office, according to a police spokeswoman. Another group blocked a central road in downtown Athens, snarling traffic.

And the Germans think Greece should sell off their islands to avoid bankruptcy. I want one. But only if it comes with running water. And a temple. Portuguese workers also held the government for ransom by holding a 24 hour strike to protest wage freezes, but no one cares.

Did someone mention Iraq? According to the media, and Prez Obama, that would be a “No”. Iraq must be like a blank spot in their collective mental maps. Not hard to figure.

In Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter *snicker* wants to impose a sugar tax on all sweet beverages, including chocolate milk. They call it the Healthy Philadelphia Initiative. Their goal is to raise revenue and to reduce child obesity. As usual, the liberals have yet to figure out how they will raise revenue from this tax if the goal is to keep people from drinking sugared drinks. I think the head Nutter forgets people can leave Philly and shop elsewhere.

And lastly, I could not help myself: (more…)