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Mar 18

AoSHQ is all over Obamacare

Posted by ArmedGeek on Thursday, March 18, 2010 in News, Politics

Ace and his cohorts are all over Obamacare this week. If you aren’t over there every day, you really should be.

CBO Health Care Numbers Are In And Democrats Are Pleased
Bumped and Updated

“The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that there is currently no official cost estimate. Yet House Democrats are touting to the press – and spinning for partisan gain – numbers that have not been released and are impossible to confirm.

Nomentum: Michael Arcuri (D-NY) Flips from Yes to No

Fox Poll: Opposition to ObamaCare Hits 55%; Sixty Five Percent Say “Do Nothing” or “Start Over”

Senator Coburn: I’ve Got News For You: If You Sell Your Vote for Earmarks or a Federal Posting, I’m Going to Block It in the Senate As Bribery

Democrats Band Together To Approve of Slaughter House Rule, 222-203

Rumors: Two House Democrats Already Promised Administration Positions?

Maybe Tom “Don’t Screw With This” Coburn had some specific folks in mind when he said House Democrats who walk the plank for ObamaCare shouldn’t expect cushy landings in the Executive Branch.

Also, keep and eye on Gabriel Malor’s posts over there, he’s their resident legal geek and has really been on top of the count of who’s voting how.