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May 18

Snack Attack!

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 in AssHatery, Politics

Color me appalled. Today I am perusing Drudge and learn this from the HOUSTON CHRONICLE, of all places:

[San Antonio] City Manager Sheryl Sculley has declared war on sugar.

Well, at least when it comes packaged in cans and candy bars. Sugary sodas no longer have a home in the city’s 250 beverage vending machines and unhealthy foods in the 75 snack machines in city facilities are next.

I asked the staff to remove the high-calorie soda drinks from our vending machines,” Sculley said. “I’m a fitness person, and I care about our employees, and I want them to be healthy. And I think this is a very small gesture.”

Not a mention on the local news about this, by the way. No word on whether she took a vote, or a petition. She just MADE IT SO. And the reason: she is into fitness, whatever she means by that. Oh, and guess what she substituted for the sodas:

Mmmmmm……. Aspertame! Just a step away from antifreeze, if I recall correctly. Not only diet sodas, but juices as well. Last I checked, juice still had a large amount of sugar. I guess she didn’t read the nutritional information on the back.

Well, I can guess what will happen: employees will go to local convenience stores downtown and purchase their sugar fix, and the vending machines will lose money. Ms. Sculley seems to forget that that she may be able to dictate what goes into the vending machine for the Greater Good, but NOT what goes into our bodies. Good luck getting government employees to stick to your edict.