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Poll Dancing Weenies

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Thursday, July 1, 2010 in AssHatery, Left Wing Media, Poll

I am not one to pay attention to polls. I find very few of them to be useful, and feel that most of them are out to sway public opinion in someone’s favor. Case in point: the fracas between Daily Kos founder Markos *spit* Moulitsas and Research 2000, a polling firm. And this poll is no different:

At first glance, this seems innocuous, until you peruse the rest of the polls and find that this is the only one they closed off to voting. The other polls are still open to vote. Then you have this:

Only 63 percent of those Americans surveyed think that our sitting president is serving in the office legally. Is it the success of the “right wing conspiracy” or failure of our academic instruction in civics and government that would lead 24 percent of respondents into believing Barack Obama was born in another country, and another 13 percent to be apparently unaware that the U.S. Constitution requires that the president of the United States be a “natural born citizen”?

How about option C: failure of our civics lessons such that 63 percent of the population is clueless to the meaning of “natural born citizen”, or option D: an attempt by the “left wing media” to redefine “natural born citizen” and push their agenda?

See? I can play the game, too.

Bring on the comments

  1. David says:

    63% civics illiteracy is kinda low…

    “A random, representative sample of 2,508 American adults was surveyed to allow comparisons between those with and without college degrees. Respondents were asked thirty-three questions… many drawn from U.S. naturalization exams and U.S. Department of Education high school progress tests (NAEP). Seventy-one percent of Americans failed this basic test. The overall average score was only 49%, with college graduates also failing at 57%.”

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  2. Sad sign of the times, isn’t it??

  3. LC Draco says:

    Most Americans ARE stupid!! Ignorance can be cured, but the only cure for stupidity is a .230 grn gift.

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