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Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Thursday, September 2, 2010 in AssHatery, Left Wing Media, Politics

Of course, y’all knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. Frankly, I thought it would have happened way sooner, but they aren’t the swiftest boats out there:

NAACP, Left-Leaning Media Groups Form Tea Party Tracking Site

That’s right, they are out to watch YOU!!! BOO!! The name of the tripe site is “teapartytracker [dot] org, and it will feature blog entries, interviews with people at rallies, and twittering, along with ” a picture of a T-shirt they say someone spotted at a rally that reads, ‘Blacks own slaves in Mauitania (sic), Sudan, Niger, and Haiti’” [italics mine]. Read it again: a pic of a shirt THEY SAY SOMEONE SPOTTED. Desperation?

The site, sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America, will monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement. We call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans.”

Civil dialogue?? Is that what they call using the Race Card? Oh, and last I checked, the Tea Partiers are very good about swiftly repudiating those who come into rallies showing extreme views, especially those masquerading as Tea Partiers, just looking for dirt to post on youtube. Oh, and here’s their catchy motto: “A watched teapot never boils.” Pretty dated saying, isn’t it? Freakin’ morons apparently never learned real science. Just wait until this November. You’ll see a boiling teapot up close and damn personal.

Bring on the comments

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh, I got their civil dialogue. They aren’t gonna like it. Just as civil as they are.

    They want something to watch? It’s very, very tempting to give them something to watch. Racist fucknuts.

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  2. *does a double take*

    Did sweet Nicole just type what I think she typed???

    WHOO HOO!!! :lol:

  3. Nicole says:

    Being treated like a criminal pushes my buttons. :) I’m not that sweet. I was just on good behavior when you met me. :P

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  4. Sign o’ the times. Surprised it took this long. Now we can wait and see the spin….

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  5. Lemur King says:

    (I’m on a rant tonight Aggie)

    Here’s something I’ve yet to hear anyone bring up.

    Show me just ONE… ONE… Tea Party rally where any of the speakers has uttered truly racist things and not been swiftly dealt with. If you can do that, then proceed to show me a systemic pattern.

    You can’t.

    So you either believe that there is some vast white tea party conspiracy where we all send each other our “let’s get the black man” vibes -or- you have to admit that the evidence just isn’t there. It beggars the imagination that there could be a tea party movement whose interest in putting down the black man is as strong as say, the NAACP’s, Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, et al, interest in proving that every single organization that is not explicitly black-centric is racist at heart.

    Racists, bullies, rapists, woman-beaters… I’ve always said that the most distressing thing is how HUGE the problem looks until you realize that each of those diseased vermin is a repeat offender over and over and over. I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of those animals out there hurting people, but it only takes one racist or rapist attacking ten people to make ten statistical sample points.

    I digressed, didn’t I?

    Track away, folks. If all you can do is find individuals and not leaders who are carrying a hateful message, and you can’t provide examples of hate-message leaders who have not been removed then you have to believe that the hate is systemic through-and-through, and I just can’t buy that. I just can’t. I know too many people that would stand in line with me to give a skinhead or neo-nazi a blanket-party.

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  6. Lemur King says:

    To save anyone the trouble of having to look it up because I don’t know if it is Northwest expression -- a blanket party is where you throw a blanket over the skinhead’s head and beat the holy fucking shit out of them. Or ‘nazi.

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  7. LC Draco says:

    King….we had a blanket party when I was in Basic. Poor guy was just beyond help…..until the Party.

    And as far as “Blacks own slaves in …’fill in the blank’….” What is untrue about that? The only thing not mentioned is that in most (if not all) of those African countries, the slave owners are Muslim.

    I am still waiting for someone to come out (other than Beck) and mention that the first slave owner in the Colonies was Black.

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  8. mel says:

    Man! They are just eaten up with the desire to prove something that isn’t there. Remember during the last presidential primaries (I think), the girl who blacked her own eye then went on national news saying a Republican did it to her? She got caught though.

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  9. Oh, she was a Ron Paul supporter who decided to go “work” for the McCain campaign, and then carved the “B” backwards on her face as some kind of Munchausen ploy against blacks. She is “disturbed” to put it mildly.

  10. mel says:

    Ags I think we’re talking about two different things here, because I remember that one, too.

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  11. Hm…I think you’re right, Mel :) I do remember another incident like the one you described.

  12. mel says:

    Well, I’m OLD so the more time that passes the less I remember about an incident. But I think I remember this girl claiming she got into an innocent political discussion with a republican and they just, for no reason, hauled off and hit her. So she went on a rant about how backwards and uncivil conservatives are and got on the liberal media shows for about a day. But nobody could find any witnesses or evidence to prove it, and she couldn’t really say who it was that hit or and couldn’t give a detailed description. then when questioned for just a short time by police she caved and admitted she hit herself in the face with a door or something bizarre like that and made it all up. Of course, only one channel aired THAT info.

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