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Citizen Soldier

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Sunday, April 17, 2011 in Everyday Hero, Music, War

(Guest post by LC Draco)

As a soldier who has been Reserve, National Guard and Active….this video (yeah, it’s a bit old) still makes my eyes mist a bit. It used to be (Pre 9-11) that the Guard and Reserves were considered second class soldiers. I know, because when I went from Active Duty to a short stint in the Guard, I had the same opinion. We all used to hear stories of Reservists and the Guard guys taking beer chests and coolers to their two week AT (Annual Training). And hell, they only met one weekend a month!! How can you be ready for combat with THAT limited time?

But I can assure you that mentality WILL never be like that again. Some Guard and Reserve units have deployed more than most Active units. I have personally trained Guard and Reservists on going on their third, fourth and fifth deployments. (I also deployed as a Reservist, so I have seen the look we get from Active soldiers! Little did they know I still had more Active and combat time than they did!!)

But to the video….and BTW, 3 Doors Down did this video for FREE!!! They did not ask for ANY money from the National Guard!!! TRUE PATRIOTS!!!

(I personally love the Blackhawk coming in with an Apache package support!! Been there, done that!!! And it IS a rush!!)

“Hope and pray that you never need me,
but rest assured I will not let you down….
I walk beside you, but you may not see me….
The strongest among you may not wear a crown!”

Bonus points if you can name the left shoulder patches in the first scenes without Google!! HINT- it is NOT New Mexico! And I trained this unit! :D

Bring on the comments

  1. LC Draco says:

    Crap….I forgot to mention that all the actors in the video are National Guard soldiers!! :-)

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  2. I was in the Navy 1996-2000. I used to hate it when the so called part timers would come aboard our ship. They did not know the nuiances of ship board living, did not know to shut the hell up in the berthing compartments, did not know where the chow line ended, would consistently complain about living aboard and ship and how they could not wait until this “two week bullshit was over with” I wanted to throw the part timers overboard. But, I am glad to hear that things have changed and most part timers are putting in as much if not more then the Active.

    Nice post LC Draco, well done.
    I will like to share with you my 9/11 experience. I was a rookie cop in 2001 and it forever changed me. It is a two part post and there is a link at the end of part one.

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  3. I would like to encourage everyone to read O’Shea’s 9/11 post. It’s a facet of the attack most of us didn’t get to see.

  4. RebelAg says:

    45th SIB (Light), Oklahoma Army National Guard. Trained them as well back in 03/04.

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  5. Welcome to H&B, RebelAg!

    Love the nic ;)

  6. LC Draco says:

    RebelAg for the WIN!!!

    Most people we run into think that patch is from New Mexico!

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  7. Terrapod says:

    Thats a thunderbird patch, as I went to Thunderbird U in AZ it has to be from Huachuca? Am I close.

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  8. nursemyra says:

    Thank for the link to O’Shea’s post

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  9. LC Draco says:

    O’Shea..I have talked to soldiers that had to do body recovery after 9-11 and my business partner was a first responder after the OK city bombing…

    He still has nightmares….

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  10. Larry says:

    I was on USS Washington (CVN-73) when 3 Doors Down did their concerts for the troops(2002). The only thing they asked for is no videos since they wanted to shoot their own, and that’s the only profit they saw from that trip. The video for “When I’m Gone” was shot mostly on Washington.

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  11. Larry says:

    Forgot to add…I didn’t get autographs from the band and my youngest daughter still hasn’t forgiven me for it.

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  12. LC Draco says:

    Larry…yeah, that is another 3 Doors Down video (and the way they produced it) that shows how they are true Americans!

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  13. Lizard says:

    First good post and great video Draco.

    So today I foolishly watched The View(shut up RR) because I wanted to hear what the current First Lady and Vice President’s wives had to say about their new initiative “Joining Forces: Taking Action to Serve America’s Military Families”.
    The initiative looks good but I still lost my breakfast because of the First Lady being stupid. At least that is my opinion for her not knowing what a Gold Star family is or a Blue Star Family is. Then she just completely ignored the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
    The initiative looks like a good idea but I want to see what they really do with it first. Aggie maybe you could give me your opinion of it

    and finally -- thank you O’Shea Shenanigans for what you did and do.

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  14. mel says:

    Oh that is great.
    I saw 3 Doors Down some years ago on my birthday, too. I’ve never seen this.

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  15. LC Draco says:

    Liz…I bet you threw up a little!! :lol:

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  16. nursemyra…The Oklahoma city bombing recovery guys came down to Ground Zero. I remember talking to them. They were nice guys. America truly showed up in downtown Manhattan for a while. But no training can prepare one to what it is like to carry body parts in a 5 gallon paint bucket. No training can prepare you for the smell, the weight, the sloshing noise….

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  17. LC Draco says:

    O’Shea…Your last post hit a nerve with me. One of the reasons when ‘Saving Private Ryan’ came out that some WWII vets had to leave the theater…the D-Day scene had EVERYTHING except the smell.

    And nothing smells the same as burning human flesh. It is a smell you NEVER forget.

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