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For Veeshir

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 in HOOKER!!, HOTW, Teh Funny

Because we aim to please!

For the sport lover:

The requisite blonde:

For when you are thirsty:

And the requisite artistic brunette:

I hope this small but well-rounded tribute to Veeshir keeps him from boycotting H&B.

If it doesn’t, I will just die!!!

/sarc ;)

Bring on the comments

  1. PISSED says:

    Good morning Aggie, Very nice scenery I must say :)

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  2. LC Draco says:

    Nice post-Valentine pics!!!

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  3. Veeshir says:

    Thanks Aggie!
    I especially liked the underboobs, but the proper use of sarc tags was a nice touch.

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  4. DaninVan says:

    You can’t wash cotton in really hot water; don’t they teach anything in HomeEc?
    (Well yeh, you can if it’s underboob and cutting off the crotch circulation you’re after… ;) )
    …as an afterthought, I’m pretty sure these crotches have been circulating just fine.

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  5. Nicole says:

    Oh, the requisite brunette…. oof. Well rounded indeed.

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  6. mrmacs says:

    The pics are excellent, thanks.

    At this rate, Veeshir is going to boycott himself off the Interwebthingy pretty soon.

    Veeshir, don’t go!

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  7. Matt says:

    Very nice. A nice diversion from fighting the lefties.

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  8. PrimEvil says:

    I really like the B&W last pic. When I first started out in photography, back in the last ice age, B&W was the artistic medium of choice. It makes the artist focus on form, and contrast, not color. Cudos to the photog that directed and took that picture.

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  9. Veeshir says:

    But mrmacs, I get boobs when I boycott places.

    Or didn’t you notice the proliferation of underboob in this post?

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  10. nursemyra says:

    the brunette is gorgeous

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  11. mrmacs says:

    veeshir, I totally dug the wonderful proliferation of underboobage in this posting. And LemurKing’s overbood’ed plea for your return as well.

    Maybe you’ve got a good thing after all…

    So what might you get if you boycott cbullitt? Interesting thought…

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