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Tuesday Random

Posted by ArmedGeek on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in Randomness

Note, I’ve also added the requested link-whoring buttons.

Bring on the comments

  1. Hm…I could have sworn I had featured the last pic before…

    Oh, and I LOL’ed at the Chuck Norris conception :D

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  2. xbradtc says:

    Tuesday Random always brightens my day. Thanks.

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  3. John D says:

    I constantly swear while driving. I guess I’m paying too much attention.

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  4. maestrosemprinin says:

    The placement of the vehiculus germanicus next to the boll weevil and behind the stink bug is slightly redolent of a Charles Addams cartoon.

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  5. maestrosemprinin says:

    Sherman Hemsley now sits on the celestial porch @ 74. Anybody got him?

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  6. Intellectual Conservative says:

    I am so stealing these for Twitter :) Who is the eye candy at the end, though?

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  7. Sentry says:

    Aw, man…I just realized that me and The Wife are Red and Kitty.

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  8. LC Draco says:

    Great Random Tuesday….I liked the racist one!

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