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Friday Late Open Thread, Because Aggie is on Vacation

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, August 17, 2012 in Open Thread, Teh Funny

Hey, I’m on vacation, hauling big ass carp from a second storey balcony and drinking aloe for the sunburn.

Topic for today is….. favorite James Bond flick, and why.

Also, favorite Bond Girl name and why. Pussy Galore wins first place, but y’all can supply suggestions for second ;)

Bring on the comments

  1. Slightly says:

    Best Bond movie? Casino Royale, they got rid of the damn gadgets, and they made Bond a bad man again.

    Yes Pussy Galore wins first place, second place for me is the Bond Girl from the worst movie… Dr. Holly Goodhead, only cause every time I hear the name it reminds me of a rather uncomfortable conversation with my father after I wouldn’t stop saying the name.

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  2. [...] Friday Late Open Thread, Because Aggie is on Vacation [...]

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  3. jaegersmom says:

    PG for sure. Plus, she had a blue-ringed octopus :) Double win!

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  4. maestrosemprinin says:

    No favorite movie, but i do have my favorite line. “That’s a Smith and Wesson. You’ve had your 6.” Denouement

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  5. Octopussy had the blue-ringed octopus. She’s my vote for second best name :D

  6. LC LtC says:

    I haven’t seen the latest ones. But, Moneypenny will ever be first for me. Then Diana Rigg. Gad.

    Certainly Ms. Blackman for the lead bad girl, then Ms. Chiles for the good one.

    Jill St. John had the bad fortune to be stuck in one of the Roger Moore farces.

    No favorite movie, but Goldfinger had pride of first place.

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  7. Diana Rigg was the BEST Bond Girl, since she married the dude.

    I have to pick From Russia, With Love as my fave. Rosa Klebb was simply diabolical :D

  8. Lobo says:

    Bond movies ?? Excuse me, but I have a date with some hot french fries and my eyes.

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  9. Is the aloe on the rocks or being served straight?

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  10. scr_north says:

    Thunderball was my favourite probably because that’s the first one I saw (also a big step up in cinematography). It was on Xmas (remember when they used to open the real blockbusters on Xmas day?) in Ottawa at the Elgin Theatre. The best Bond girl was Luciana Paluzzi who played the Spectre Assasin Fiona Volpe. She was Bond’s match in cold bloodedness and was his equal in guile and skill. A real boost to the Woman’s Lib movement.

    Another good one that has a bad rap is Quantum of Solace. Great acting, good script and outstanding action. It got panned by a lot of critics and fans but except for it being about 20 minutes light (some bad editing I think) it was a great flick. Filled out the back story and tied up some loose ends from Casino Royale and the general Bond myth.

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  11. David says:

    Can’t help w/the fav Bond movie thing. My head’s still stuck on “big ass carp”. I want pictures.

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  12. ToBeRIGHT says:

    Although it had Tawnya “I kind of look like a 70′s porn star” Roberts and the always-excellent Christopher Walken, A View To A Kill was a magnificent piece of shit thanks to Moore. I just keep thinking… Sheena, Warrior Princess” but I digress…

    But as to the Bond question:

    There is only one BEST -- Honey Rider and Dr. No.

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  13. Yabu says:

    I think Casino Royale was a good one, but there have been some better than others. Daniel Craig plays a good Bond, but nobody can top Sean Connery. As for the “Bond Girls”, I don’t have a favorite. I favor smart women. Clever names are funny, but that is all. I’d rather have a smart woman over a bimbo, any day.

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  14. On the rocks, Purple Raider. I wanted it to be ice cold :D

  15. First, sorry some of y’all got trapped in Askimet Hell. Don’t understand why, but I fished y’all out as soon as I could.

    Second, Yabu wins the comments :D

  16. OT. (wait, this is an open thread.)

    Ohio Right Wing Nut needs prayers for a friend.

    See my facebook page, MJ Larkins.

    All prayers are appreciated.

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