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Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Monday, September 3, 2012 in Awesomeness, blogosphere, Politics

Today is Labor Day, but we don’t celebrate communistic crap around here. Instead, we are celebrating Empty Chair Day™, thanks to Mr. Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC Convention.

Well, it’s appropriate, isn’t it? Considering the Prez doesn’t work much.

And also for your listening pleasure:

Y’all have a great day doing nothing ;)


Courtesy of LC LtC via Stormbringer:

This made me :lol:, because I seriously doubt Teh Prez would know what that is, much less sit in one!!


From LC Mope!!


Bring on the comments

  1. Sentry says:

    I almost signed up for an overtime shift today, just on principle. Then I remembered that I only saw my family for about five hours last week.

    Time to pack ‘em up and get our butts to the lake!

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  2. LC LtC says:

    Stormbringer ( posted mine, which misses Legal Insurrection requirements because I didn’t take it personally. But, hell, it IS funny!

    I emailed it separately.

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  3. maestrosemprinin says:

    work, n; what stupid voters do to keep parasitic politicians running their pathetic lives.

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  4. Veeshir says:

    OT, but I have a girlie drink question.

    Football starts this week, and I like drinking and watching football.
    The problem is that it’s a 3 hour diff right now so football starts at 10am, since I’m in AZ, it’s 90+ degrees at 10am.

    So my question.
    In my frozen bloody mary, should I use horseradish or maybe wasabi?

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  5. DaninVan says:

    Kate at Small Dead Animals is having a good time with the chair thing, as are the commenters…and ‘He’s’ not even our (Canadian) problem!…

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  6. cmblake6 says:


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  7. cmblake6 says:

    Oh, Veeshir, horseradish is traditional. Go wasabi for a change.

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  8. LC LtC, thanks for the update ;)

    Veeshir, always opt for horseradish. Wasabi is for the elite ;)

  9. BC says:

    Actor Michael Clark Duncan has died. He was only 54, so probably not in anyone’s Pool.

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  10. Sorry you got caught in the spam bucket, BC. I sprayed it with WD-40 :D