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Nov 7

We Will Not Be Broken

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 in Politics, Rants

Yes, we are still in shock. Yes, we as conservatives underestimated the greed of those who believe they are entitled to everything by virtue of being in this country. Notice I did not say “being citizens”. Leeches abound regardless of citizenship.

But we will not be broken.

We have something no other country enjoys. I have lived and visited many places, and they all lack what we have here. It’s not pride. Having lived in Germany I witnessed how they lack pride of country, bringing out their flags only during the World Cup, and forgetting about countrymen such as Otto von Bismarck and Baron von Richthofen. You may counter with how the French are prideful braggarts and I would disagree. Oh, they have pride in their food and their language, and even of their citizenship, since they manage to hold those unlucky enough not to be born of French blood to be second class citizens. But country? Hell, they couldn’t tell me what building had been razed where the New Opera House stands. They think nothing of pissing against the wall of La Madeleine, not understanding the architectural and historical treasure it represents. To them, Napoleon is a dead guy, and Louis a common name. The Brits are not much better. They may rejoice in their former glory, but when it comes down to Socialism, they are quite happy to lay back and think of England. They carry so much guilt it shines like the sun off the Cliff of Dover.

No, we will not be broken. We have something they all lost long ago. Something they are unwilling to find, and unwilling to get back.

We have our American Spirit. And that, my friends, is something even the progressive culture can never take away. This cancer will eat at them, too. But unlike them, we will prevail, because it is in our veins to rise from the ashes and succeed.

Nov 7

Hooker of the Week

Posted by ArmedGeek on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 in HOTW