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Nov 12

Pesky Consequences

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Monday, November 12, 2012 in AssHatery, GS450L, Politics

I remember back in September of last year, when Hubby came home for R&R, we went to have lunch at Olive Garden. I had noticed a few changes to their kids menu and enquired about it. The waitress seemed oblivious to it, but I found out later that the restaurant chain and its owner, Darden Restaurants, made the changes in response to pressure from the “Let’s Move!” campaign First Lady Michelle Obama sponsors.

Obama launched the Let’s Move! campaign to fight childhood obesity, and has challenged restaurants to offer more healthful menu items. So far, establishments such as McDonald’s, IHOP and Burger King have jumped on board, pledging to include better options such as fruit.

In July, McDonald’s said it would alter its Happy Meals, cutting back on French fries and adding apples. The company also plans to reduce calories, saturated fats, added sugar and sodium on its menu. Other restaurant chains, such as Romano’s Macaroni Grill and the Cheesecake Factory, have also added more healthful items to their menus. Who said peer pressure was a bad thing?

Frankly, I was rather appalled. It isn’t the job of government to dictate what you can and cannot eat, though they damn well do it. But it is a private corporation and they have the right to do as they please with their menus, as well as the right to cave in to pressure. And before y’all go criticizing me for wanting fat foods, that’s not my point. I prefer to eat the fruit options rather than the french fries. My point is that the company is willing to tune out the will of their customers in favor of the will of the administration, thinking special favors like this may save them from other follies coming their way.

Well, guess what? It didn’t do shinola.

Orlando-based Darden Restaurants is testing cuts to workers’ hours in an effort to keep down costs of the health-care reform act, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Darden (NYSE: DRI) told the Sentinel the tests would take place at “a select number” of its restaurants in four markets, including Central Florida.

The goal is to keep employees at 28 hours a week at the designated test restaurants.

They thought raising the minimum wage was the answer? How’s that working out when you DON’T GET THE HOURS TO COMPENSATE?? And if you aren’t a full-time employee, YOU become responsible for paying for the new and improved HEALTHCARE!!

But hey, you always have the Race Card™ to max out.