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World Endy

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, November 9, 2012 in Open Thread

I don’t much care for TV fare nowadays, but I have heard that there is a show about people preparing for the end of the world. As ridiculous as some people think that is, I happen to think that there is no such thing as being over-prepared!!

I don’t care if you are preparing dinner, or getting ready to prove the Mayans were right.

Anyway, Hubby and I were discussing several scenarios which may or may not play out in the *ahem* next four years. One thing I have heard a lot about is bartering. Frankly, that is something everyone should be prepared to do anyway. When I was in college, we got the chance to visit El Banco de Cobre in Mexico. Trust me: they were far more willing to barter in that area than to take American money. And that was back in the 80′s. I traded my extra pair of shoes for a horse blanket. No, I have never owned a horse, but those things are warm and it got cold in that area.

So, what end-of-the-world preparations are y’all making? Any skills that y’all have to barter with? I can raise pigs and know how to stuck them and roast them whole. Also, I can pick coffee beans, and prepare them for roasting. I think we are set ;)

Bring on the comments

  1. DaninVan says:

    Doing limbering exercises…for when I have to stick my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

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  2. Sentry says:

    I can trap, forage, fish, cook, ferment stuff into hooch and distill it. I can repair clothing, sew it, build a shelter, tan hides, navigate by sun and stars, and look awesome doing it.

    Most important skill set I have? That’s easy. I can teach. Not instruct, any asshole can read from a book. I mean actually teach a skill. Aside from backing up a trailer, I’d say that’s the most important skill the Navy ever taught me.

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  3. maestrosemprinin says:

    We will soon have a barter economy. Those unlike Sentry should stockpile things to trade. Paper products, light bulbs, nails, plywood, 5 gallon pickle buckets, propane, re-bar, and batteries will always be in demand.

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  4. Lizard says:

    What skills do I have…..ya guess I need to start limbering up so I can kiss may ass goodbye.

    I do know how to fish, but never learned to clean the fish. I can sew a little bit. I think I need to think about an escape route to where Sentry is.

    Course I already told Terrible Troy years ago if things go bad I’m coming towards his place…it’s closer than Sentry.

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  5. Sentry says:

    I had to laugh this afternoon. I was talking with my Mom aboot this, and she said “what aboot soap?” That’s right. I can make soap, too. Tell me that’s not gonna make me the King of Duncanistan after the apocalypse.

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  6. I second that, Sentry :D

  7. cmblake6 says:

    Basically what Sentry said. I was just about to sew on Eagle Scout when I discovered how much more fun Girl Scouts were. My Scoutmasters were SEALs and Recon between tours of VN, so we didn’t precisely adhere to the Manual. I learned a LOT of shit that isn’t in the Boy Scout Handbook. Then I did my 20, and some of that was spent doing various learning experiences. We shall see.

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  8. michigan doug says:

    what tv show were you referring to?

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  9. I think it’s called “Doomsday Preppers”, michigan doug.

    Welcome to H&B :)

  10. Sentry says:

    Is that the one where people buy up all the nonperishable supplies they can, then hide them in a bunker and congratulate themselves for their survival skills, Aggie? In the Spring, I’m gonna try a little experiment with a water wheel, a magnet and a coil of copper wire. See how that goes. You know, unless we all wind up in a Revolution situation and physics don’t work anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather eat an MRE than pemmican or muskrat legs any day. But I still keep a copy of the SAS Survival Handbook in my truck. The thing about that is, as Blake can attest, you have to leave the beaten path and/or get uncomfortable as hell to learn the really cool skills.

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  11. I think that’s the show, Sentry.

    I kinda like pemmican. Hubby has the corner on medicine, and I studied medicinal herbology, but the fact that I can bring the bacon and the coffee should place me rather high in Duncanistan :D

  12. Grackle says:

    I find this an intersting topic. I was thinking about what’s gone on with me in the last two years. I have become friends with quite a few homeless folks. They have taught me what they have to do day-to-day to survive on the streets. I am a gardening fool and believe that I could be relatively self-sufficient in growing my own food, if necessary. At 50 years old, I have spent enough time in the yard and in various other manual labor areas this past year that I am in better physical condition than I was in ten years ago. I have an engineering mindset. All in all, I think I could do quite well in a destroyed world, if so required…and I know how to pray, if that counts.

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  13. Just stay away from Malathion, Grackle ;)

    Nice to see you again!

  14. LC Draco says:

    Well…I can bring pretty much anything to the table, I guess. I can pretty much do the following and have done so in a field environment:

    1) Start a fire from pretty much anything,
    2) Locate and purify water,
    3) Trap, clean, and prep field foods,
    4) Bring plenty of wpns, ammo, cleaning gear to the fray,
    5) Bring a shit load of 550 cord and knowledge on how to tie pretty much any knot or cord you might need, ( )
    6) Bring knowledge of small unit tactics, COIN and insurgency operations,
    7) Bring a Ranger Handbook in my Go-Bag… Go to this website and download all you can..
    8) Depending on comms requirements, I can bring a little knowledge on that,
    9) Bring a training experience for training ‘non-military, indigenous forces”, in combat operations,
    10) and some other stuff I learned thru my ‘all expense paid’ travels all over the world. =)

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  15. I’m buying a gun so I can take what I need from weaker people, or end the pain when I come up against stronger people!

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