The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. — Dick the Butcher, King Henry VI

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Dec 14

Knights in Body Armor

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, December 14, 2012 in Everyday Hero, Open Thread

I have a lot of friends in law enforcement. Some in cyberspace, most in Life. I ♥ each and every one of them. Our blogger friend O’Shea Shenanigans shared a friend’s note on the social site with faces that really drives the point home.

Anyone ever wonder why cops are such ‘pricks’? Every shitty, rotten, horrible, scary situation that exists in life, cops deal with it. Repeatedly. Every friggen’ day. Your ‘worst day ever’ is just another tour. Car accident, homicide, rape, robbery, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, family dispute over who gets the last pork chop that winds up with a dinner guest sporting a steak knife in the chest, a kid that goes missing or runs away, a Dad who gets tanked up and uses Mom as a speed bag, a drug overdose, hostage situations… [E]very despicable thing that one human being can do to another is what the police are immersed in every day.

When I was in the accident, Hubby raced down the parkway well above the speed limit. The police officer on the scene left me to go yell at him, and the altercation was…. Well, let’s just say it kept me from dwelling on the wreckage! Hubby was not happy to be yelled at, but he realized that it was the policeman’s job to keep order at the scene. And in the end, they shared an apology, a joke, and a handshake. Law enforcement officers have a great sense of humor. They have to, in order to deal with the sewage of everyday life.

cop ftw

Yes, every so often you run across one that is a rotten apple. But the vast majority carry a weight that rivals and sometimes beats Atlas’ burden. I can’t imagine the shit they have to deal with daily. But I do say a prayer of thanks every day for each one of them.

So, what are your favorite cop stories? And do they involve the drunk tank?? :D