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Dec 22

Movie: Crazy Heart

Posted by ArmedGeek on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in Entertainment, Movies

This is a great film. Jeff Bridges plays a burned out, alcoholic country singer on his last leg. The trailer above is a tiny bit misleading as while the movie does feature a romance it is not exactly as central to the movie as it seems although it is pivotal in Blake’s (Bridges) story.

The movie is based on a book that was originally intended as a story about Merle Haggard but gaining the rights to Haggard’s life story were a bit hard to lock down, it became a more generic story with Blake’s character being more of a collage of Haggard, Kristopherson and Waylon Jennings.

I think the more generic, old-school, has-been country singer made for a better movie (I’ve not read the book).

The point here is, Bridges makes this movie. The story itself is not a new story, not a new perspective and there’s no twist or anything terribly unexpected. The actors here are what make this movie great. Bridges, Gyllenhaal and even Colin Farrell make this film what it is.

Oh, and who knew Bridges and Farrell could sing?