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Dec 24

DeadPool Update: Jack Klugman

Posted by ArmedGeek on Monday, December 24, 2012 in Deadpool


From USAToday:

Jack Klugman, the prolific, craggy-faced character actor and regular guy who was loved by millions as the messy one in TV’s The Odd Couple and the crime-fighting coroner in Quincy, M.E., died on Christmas Eve, his son said. He was 90.

Klugman, who lost his voice to throat cancer in the 1980s and trained himself to speak again, died with his wife at his side.

This is another sad one. I always liked that dude.

Broozer gets the points for the report along with 10 for the death. Joining him in gaining points today are riff and 1IDVET.

So … where ya at, the_botnet ?

Dec 24

Christmas Hooker

Posted by ArmedGeek on Monday, December 24, 2012 in HOTW