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Worst Apocalypse Ever

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, December 21, 2012 in Open Thread, Teh Funny

Well, dang….

Last night I was having trouble sleeping after being twisted like a pretzel at therapy, so I stayed up to watch a sorta sci fi flick called Python. Look, it had William Zabka and Casper van Dien in it. Stop judging me!! Anyway, after it was over I happened to glance at the time, and saw that it was after midnight. That had me thinking about the heightened security the schools were going to be enjoying, and the sandwich board-wearing peeps walking around, and Nazca Lines, and Chariots of the Gods. I knew it was time for me to take a muscle relaxer and call it a night.

And then I woke up this morning.

marvin lol

Stupid interpreters…

And what did y’all think would, or still might happen??

Bring on the comments

  1. Sentry says:

    Same as what Global Warming did to us….nothing. The first thing I do when I see a panic like this Mayan Calendar thing, I take a quick look at who’s panicking. If they seem reasonably switched on, I take a look into it. If they’re a bunch of hysterical little piss boys, I take a look into it and make fun of them.

    I mean, come on….if the Mayans had any talent for predicting the future, maybe they would have got through that whole Spanish thing.

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  2. Just A Vet says:

    LOL… the day isn’t over yet. Besides they made the prediction over 5000 years ago, maybe he missed it by a day or two! ROFL

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  3. maestrosemprinen says:

    Well you can’t have everything. much as this fucked up planet deserves oblivion, we are far too amusing for the Almighty to dispense with our pitiful existence.
    Have a Happy, Merry, ______ and don’t step in the kwanza.

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  4. Purple Raider says:

    And I thought it was the 22nd.

    Oh, well!

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  5. Mitchell says:

    Obviously Buffy beat whatever the Hellmouth was supposed to throw at us today and averted the latest pockylips. Easy peasy.

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  6. jam2 says:

    6 minutes and counting

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  7. jam2 says:


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  8. hilljohnny says:

    when i went to the store today the milk and bread shelves were nearly empty. i guess people were treating the apocalypse like a snow warning.

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  9. jam2 says:


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  10. jam2 says:


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  11. jam2 says:


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  12. jam2 says:


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  13. jam2 says:

    *switching to Central Time*

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  14. Dave in Texas says:

    The battery in my truck didn’t even die.

    This apocalypse sucks.

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  15. maestrosemprinen says:

    I called the bank. The auto recording told me that time is up. When I asked, “to what?” The response was a low frequency buzz sounding like “Duh.” I hung up and two seconds later my phone rang. It was somebody imitating John Cleese. All I heard was, “my hovercraft is full of eels.”
    I got good news and I got bad news. The good news is the world didn’t end. The bad news is, Civilization did.

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