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Jan 14

Name Calling

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Monday, January 14, 2013 in AssHatery, Idiotarians

Yesterday, we were watching the football play-offs.

*shakes fist at The Texans*

Anyway, I began to think about all the hullabaloo going around as regards sports teams names. Y’all recall the mascot for the University of Illinois, Chief Illini, was removed because it was considered a “hostile or abusive mascot”. There are several groups wanting to remove the “Native American” names from sports teams. Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles… I don’t get it. How is naming your team after a brave group of people known to fight for their cause and sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom a bad thing??┬áDo you really want a sports team with a weak sounding name? Why not rename the Redskins for the most prevalent thing in DC? How about The Washington Politicians, or The Washington Criminals, or maybe The Washington Sewers?

Personally, I vote for The Washington Pussies.

sitting bull

Sitting Bull

Apparently, those same people, mostly younger people with Native American background, have no problems with the Oklahoma Sooners or the San Fransisco 49ers. And yet, what did the Sooners and the 49ers do to the existing Native American populations in those areas?

I swear to The Maker, some people just don’t have the sense God gave a box of hair clippings.