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Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Sunday, January 6, 2013 in Government, Politics, Total Bullshit

Because History has this Deja Vu thing going for it.

1774 vs 2013

You think sure, but that was before we were a country and had the Second Amendment.

And I say sure, and that was before Executive Orders, Progressives, and Sandy Hook Elementary.

Never give up! Never surrender! And always remain vigilant.

Bring on the comments

  1. Sentry says:

    It happened here, but we don’t have silly things like property rights. Matter of fact, The Cops can just decide that they want to inspect the storage of your guns. If you don’t know that they have to make an appointment with you, you can be screwed. Oh, and they can just declare guns illegal on a whim and deny you that grandfathering thingy. Awesome, huh?

    It’s okay though, we finally elected an uber-right wing Conservative government that will outlaw abortion, homosexuality, reinstitute slavery and deny HPV vaccines and prophylactics to twelve year old girls.

    Just kidding, these rightwingnuts are actually slightly to the left of Clinton’s regime. Tells you all you need to know aboot the media up here. Have fun storming the castle!

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  2. maetrosemprinin says:

    The citizens of New Orleans who’s guns were confiscated by OKLAHOMA National Guardsmen after Hurricane Katrina will never get their firearms back even after the Federal Court Order to that effect.
    After the last TEA Party member is executed by the Obama regime, this cartoon will appear in the Washington post with this caption.
    “Way to go Bob. “I told you you should have spent your money on model a railroad!”

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  3. RANDO says:

    The Left hates and fears the NRA. More power to the NRA.

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  4. LC Draco says:

    It’s coming, folks……it’s coming.

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