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DeadPool Update: Hugo Chavez

Posted by ArmedGeek on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 in Deadpool

Here’s the one everyone has been waiting for ….

Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro

From AP:

President Hugo Chavez was a former paratroop commander and self-styled “subversive” who waged continual battle for his socialist ideals. He bedeviled the United States and outsmarted his rivals time and again, while using Venezuela’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage. He died Tuesday in Caracas at age 58, two years after he was first diagnosed.

The seem pretty broke up about it.

Reiuxcat gets the two for the report, beating Sentry by about a minute. the_botnet scores big on this one, launching him into the lead.

Sentry: Even your reports under Hefner’s name were not fast enough to beat Reiuxcat.

Bring on the comments

  1. Sentry says:

    Sad face. Also, first.

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  2. He was a dictator, and our liberal politicians mourn him. Think about that.

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  3. the botnet says:

    It was only a matter of time. That lardass commie Michael Moore will be worth big points as well… Tick tock.

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  4. Struan Robertson says:

    Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Kevin Spacey are all gonna meet at Commie Mommy Susan Sarandon’s house for a group sing of Kumbyah & sit Socialist Shiva.

    Stone’s comment -- ”I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place. Hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chavez will live forever in history.”


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  5. Ogrrre says:

    Aw, gee whiz. I’m all heart-broken. Buwahahahahaha. Sorry, people, I just could not keep a strait face. I hope he enjoys being Satan’s bitch. I also look forward to being able to say the same thing about Ear Leader.

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  6. John D says:

    “…while using Venezuela’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage.”

    Translation: filled his pockets with the nation’s wealth, while doing nothing for the little people he claimed to champion. Typical communist.

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  7. He’s a socialist. He didn’t die. He just redistributed his life.

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  8. It’s a good thing I checked the spam bucket. Sorry if y’all were trapped in there!

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  9. Reiuxcat says:

    That was the most frustrating death report ever. 1st finding a linkable report, just crawls at the major sites and then I’d report and got a page doesn’t exist page, which I tried 3 times? Then I emailed. :-)

    Sometimes this old cat is quick.

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  10. Veeshir says:

    That bit you quoted is despicable.
    who waged continual battle for his socialist ideals
    Yeah, battle against ‘his’ people via his armed thugs.

    I guess he “outsmarted” his domestic opponents.
    For “outsmarted” read: Killed and/or imprisoned.


    I love asking lefties who worse, Pinochet or Castro.
    They always say Pinochet.

    You see,
    Castro had his coup and then turned ‘his’ nation into a gulag where people are willing to ride an inner tube across the open ocean to America.

    Pinochet saw commies about to stage a coup so he did it first, killed as many commies as he could find and then stepped down and left a democratic country behind, and for that he can never be forgiven.

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  11. Sentry says:

    The important thing is, he’s dead. I guess the cast of CNN is on suicide watch over this one.

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  12. Sentry says:

    Oh yeah, I just read that William (Paul Bearer) Moody croaked. To be honest, I thought he died years ago.


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  13. scr_north says:

    “waged continual battle for his socialist ideals” WTF! The guys family went from being worth nothing the day before he took power to over a billion today. Socialist Ideals my ass. Oh, wait it’s AP.

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