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Texas Independence Day

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Saturday, March 2, 2013 in Awesomeness, History

texas independence day

While battle raged at the Alamo 177 years ago, a free Republic was born when delegates from across Texas met to declare their independence from a Mexican government that had “ceased to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the people, from whom its legitimate powers are derived.”

The men who declared Texas Independence knew with every fiber of their being what the price of liberty was, and that same appreciation of liberty still guides the Lone Star State today. We owe it to those who sacrificed it all to fight back whenever freedom is threatened.

I hope you have a happy Texas Independence Day, remember the brave Texians who laid it all on the line, and always stand for liberty.  — Senator Ted Cruz

Texas will always stand for Freedom and will always push back against tyranny. Y’all would do well to remember that.

Bring on the comments

  1. mrfixitou812 says:

    Too bad the mrs would never consider moving there. :(

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  2. BC says:

    OT, but sometime between 10 & 11 pm last night, Soylent Green went lights-out due to some kind of “violation of the terms of service”. I smell a fucking Leftist assrat behind it. Anyone have SG’s e-mail to find out WTF is going on?

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  3. Neill says:

    Happens to be my birthday. I grew up thinking that all the fuss was for me. I still celebrate, but for Texas. Texas is a state of mind and an attitude as well as a spot on the map. Some will never understand but those that *get it* will never let her down.

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  4. Ogrrre says:

    mrfixitou812, find a place in Texas, and tell the Mrs. you are moving. Tell her she is welcome to go if she wants, but if she doesn’t want to go with you, divorce her, split the assets, and you go.
    BC, saw that this morning. I have the feeling you are on the money. Some whiney commielib probably got his panties in a wad (any bets on Weepy Bill?) and bitched to wordpress.

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  5. dan says:

    BC…try Nazi Surf Kittens Must Die

    I was IN the GREAT REPUBLIC and the Mrs. made me move back north…but not before my first born was a Texican….oh,what a fool will do for love.

    LC…I finally get the Aggie…God Bless Texas

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  6. Steamboat McGoo says:

    BC try “Soylent Death” site. They haven’t found that one (yet).

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