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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Monday, March 17, 2014 in Bonus Hooker, holiday

And to celebrate, enjoy the delish Lucy Pinder.


Green never looked so good ;)

Bring on the comments

  1. purple raider says:

    Grab a Guinness, a tumbler full of Bushmills, and celebrate the day.

    That lassie sure looks good too.

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  2. GMLand says:

    She would love my Lucky Charms, they’re magically delicious!

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  3. cmblake6 says:

    Quite the delight!

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  4. maestro semprini says:

    Erin’s bra is exquisite. She can go anywhere, but better be on the lookout for the guy with an orange flute.

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  5. I heard about Guinness wimping out of the parade sponsorship.

    That’s why there’s Bushmills :D

  6. GMLand says:

    Guiness bailed because they didn’t allow the gays.

    *crosses Guiness off list for purpetuity*

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  7. TerribleTroy says:

    First off gawdammit….Im a gawdamn Merican! So warm British Beer, or ale, or whatevah da fuk dey call it,….can kiss my fucking hairy troll lucky charms…

    Second, most of those gawdamn socialist brits are ghey, so some gawdamn ghey arse brit company wanting to dictate ghey inclusiveness in a gawdamn U. S. of A. puhrade is a no go… thats a wave off ghost rider.. the gawdamn pattern is FULL. SO they can double kiss my hairy troll lucky charms..

    Now on to impotent stuff…. that subject appears not too skinny.. not too fluffy… but juuuuuuust right. (insert lecherous comment here)…..

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  8. Dave C says:

    Is she Irish? I don’t know and I don’t care.

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  9. BCochran1981 says:

    She looks like she’d like a little irish in her…

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  10. TerribleTroy says:

    I just realized I should have put some kinda sarc tag on my last comment….lest someone think that was me for realzies….

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  11. DaninVan says:

    Whew!! Glad you cleared THAT up,TT!
    Guinness is out of their corporate mind; they come off as just being arse lickers, instead of principled. Gay/not gay is just the excuse.
    Being run out of town by the LGBT set won’t win them any customers in the rest of the crowd. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I hate Guinness anyway)

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  12. orbitup says:

    Happy St. Pat’s Day!

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  13. ChrisP says:

    So, with thousands of families and children along the St. Patrick Day parade route, the officials of Boston(left-wing assholes that they be) did not want the parade to become an echo of the Folsom Street fare in San Fran.
    The fact that Sam Adams and Guinness pulled sponsorship because of that makes me sad.
    They would rather that the children be exposed to that blatant bullshit makes me ill.
    I would guess that the choice was not “well thought out” and that they might be apprised of that.
    We shall see…

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