So, now, I just keep my mouth shut and pet my chihuahuas. — Mickey Rourke

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I’m a drunk. I’m a political geek but honestly, I try to stay away from politics and news as much as I can. I like to draw people away from that sort of topic. I try to hit the non-partisan topics like boobs and liquor. I try my best to leave the news and politics to my oh-so-lovely co-blogger which she handles much better than I ever could. She handles the news and politics better than me. … . and the ‘oh-so-lovely’ part too. She’s better at that as well.

LC Aggie Sith

I’m not a drunk, but I do imbibe. That’s like saying women don’t sweat, they glow. I have found I do like politics, and by “like” I mean “I enjoy having my blood pressure tested daily by the idiot masses.” Thanks to ArmedGeek, I now have an outlet through which I can unleash my rather considerable bitterness towards idiotarians, and by “considerable” I mean “I wish I could pound their heads until nothing but bloody pulpage oozes out.” Noticeably, I leave the boobage and liquor to my oh-so-suave boss. He handles that sort of thing much better than I ever could….. and the oh-so-suave part, too. Mostly.