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10 Manliest Guns

Posted by ArmedGeek on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 in

The only real disadvantage to a shotgun is range. 100 yards is about the limit, and less with shot. This is offset by the advantages of a reassuring “kaCLACK” as you cycle it (reassuring to you. Gut wrenching to your target), massive firepower that can leave a man standing dead, looking down at a hole in his torso big enough to toss a dog through, versatility of ammo, simplicity and low cost. You can often get one police surplus for under $150, used, and new for under $300.

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  1. #1 story made me LOL :D

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  2. RANDO says:

    Weii, I guess a .44 mag is more manly than a .357, but I can hit better with a .357.
    So when the chips are down, I’ll probably be packing my S&W 686.

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  3. Lobo says:

    Ten years ago, they were shooting sabots out to 250 yards. Think it was about a 6-8 in group.

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  4. jam2 says:

    shotguns are a nice all around platform… my home defense rig is a modified 870. The other couple of dozen are for hunting and wall art. the down side is the funny looks you get if you carry it while shopping at the local mall --

    here’s a costly toy (to stoke that is):

    past 50 yards tho, rifles rule (typically) -- unless you’re fortunate enough to have air support

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  5. cmblake6 says:

    Ever hear of the “cut slug”? Take your shotgun round, and go around the plastic right along the brass base with your knife almost to the point of all the way through. Load, pull trigger, plastic jacketed shotslug goes downrange in one piece until impact.

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