Drink of the Week

Well, the whole cutesy name thing I was going for on the blog was rather….cutesy, so I went back to our regularly scheduled titles. Less confusion and frankly, LESS CUTESY. Anyway, today’s libation comes by way of Woodford Reserve™. As I’ve grown older, I have grown to appreciate the complex flavor of bourbon more.

Me drinking bourbon at 25: OMFG!! IT FEELS LIKE I’M DRINKING GASOLINE ON FIRE!!!

Me drinking bourbon at 50: Dayum, baby. Where have you been all my drinking life??

Now, I do tend to sip it slowly, and it does take me a while to finish bourbon served neat. But in a cocktail? I drink it like Water of Life.


  • 1½ oz. Woodford Reserve™ bourbon
  • 1 oz. Italian aperitif, like Cinzano™ or Campari™
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • orange peel

Add all liquid ingredients to a mixing glass. Add ice, and stir gently until cold. Strain into a cocktail glass, and twist the orange peel to release oils in the cocktail, dropping into drink to infuse. Enjoy the melding of flavors slowly and marvel at the awesomeness that is bourbon 😉

Cinema Veridoom: The Eves

Howdy and welcome to today’s feature, The Eves. The title threw me off a bit, because I kept thinking elves instead. The film is about a group of college kids on their way to Spring Break at the beach, when car trouble strands them in the backwoods of Texas. Now, I’ve never done the Spring Break thing, but most people tend to travel on major highways on the way to Padre Island, not FM 884. I’m thinking the only reason this doesn’t take place in Arkansas was budget limitations.

Got fleece PJs and wine at the ready!!

Intro: Old guy is filling a syringe. You think maybe diabetes, but no. He is drugging cans of Lone Star beer. Either he is up to no good, or there is not enough alcohol in Lone Star (which sadly, is true). He begins to stack then one by freakin’ one in the fridge. Labels out for product placement! He comes out to the living room to find a flannel-shirted dude holding a knife. And…..cue the door closing. Like we don’t know old guy is toast.

Eight college kids driving down FM road (Farm to Market). Guy with video camera is more interested in filming vast tracts of female lands than anything. Driver pulls off the road because SUV is overheating. Everyone debarks and begins to explore. Only thing missing is banjos *drinks*

Oh, look…. an abandoned church!! Nothing bad ever happens in those. At least the guys go inside together. Safety in numbers, and all that. Spooking each other is all fun and everything, but hey, Spring Break awaits. Time to skedaddle. Over to the gals, who need a pottie break. In the woods. Of course one of them hears something. Spooked, they go back to the SUV just in time to see a sheriff’s car drive up. Cue asshole deputy and Good Ol’ Boy sheriff. Deputy jerks them around for a bit, then gives them directions to a lodge where they can find water. Then he gets back into his cruiser….wait….he has ANTLERS on the dashboard?? I don’t think wine will cut it tonight.

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Cinema Veridoom of the Week

Welcome to drunk blogging with Aggie, a new feature about bad movies. I have been remiss about blogging here, there, and everywhere. They say blogging is like riding a bicycle, but what they don’t tell you is that you are riding it backwards.

On a tightrope.

Through rings of fire.

Tonight’s feature is Dire Wolf, starring Maxwell Caufield, with special appearance by Gil Gerard. First, let me just say Caufield has aged very, very well. Gerard has…..aged. I guess that whole Buck Rogers effect didn’t work too well after all. Whatever, I have an Elderflower Sour, so let’s begin.

Movie begins with a research assistant during late shift. She notices an alarm and calls the security guard to go check. He sees the door to the “experiment” open, and calls up to let her know. Because apparently sounding an alarm is just passé. He draws his weapon, but too late. And you know the research chick is next.

Holy hell, the blood spraying is like something out of a Kurosawa movie. Props!

Minus 10,372 points for the Party City Wolfman costume, though. *drinks*

Ooooh…Caufield. He’s the sheriff. He also suffers from OCD and Shawn Syndrome (Psych reference). Dude notices everything: guy in the wrong chair, person not at the diner. Tries to train his foster son the game warden in the ways of the Mountain Jedi.

And…Gil Gerard. As a Colonel in charge of the “program”, henceforth named Operation Wolfie. He sends out two agents to find out why no one is picking up the phone at the remote facility on top of the convenient hill. Me? I would have sent a shitload of people because if my research peeps aren’t answering the red phone, serious shit is getting real.

Oh HAI HUNTER!!! Wolfie gets down and decides hunter would make a tasty trea— wait, WTH?? He kills the dude and doesn’t bother eating him? Possible vegan wolf.

Sheriff has a bug up his ass about the guard that didn’t show up to the diner. So he has to go look up at the facility. Meanwhile, warden is patrolling the area and warns the campers, of which his ex is one, to stay put because of possible random shooting. Which yeah! Hunter’s rifle!! *drinks again*

Ooooh, agents are at facility. Blood and guts but again, NO EATING!! Honestly, what the hell kind of monster is this?

Agents find doc and researcher sheltered in place. Traumatized by the very thing they made because HOW CAN A WOLF AND HUMAN BREED GO WRONG?? Sheeee-it…. *drinks* Continue Reading

Tuesday Tipple

It has come to my attention that some people around the internets have no idea with Lillet is.

Lillet is a wine aperitif and comes in several varieties, the most popular being the original, Lillet Blanc. I say “original” loosely, since the formulation was changed in recent times to remove the original addition of quinine, which the company no longer figured was necessary and also, would make the aperitif smoother. It is served well chilled or on the rocks, and usually with the addition of a citrus twist. I prefer a blood orange twist, due to my sweet tooth, but lemon is also a nice option. And no, I didn’t get fond of it because of Hannibal Lecter. I was introduced to it by a German friend who imbibed it with tonic water and cucumber slices.

Why she liked a salad in her drink, I’ll never know.

You can also use it in cocktails such as the very famous Vesper (thank you, Sir Ian Fleming) and the Corpse Reviver. It’s a nice staple to have on hand when you have company coming over and really don’t feel like being a mixologist because you spent the entire day getting the house ready and would rather spend time sitting and drinking.


New Year, and Hoping It’s a Happy One

Or hoppy, or maybe barleyish.

Definitely will be winey!!

Anyway, glad to be back from a hiatus involving family, holidays, and some needed contemplation about The Year of the Dumpster Fire. Frankly, I am of the opinion that the Good Lord doesn’t give me anything I can’t handle, so I was able to shrug the small stuff. Unlike most years when everything is small stuff, 2016 actually brought some big stuff out of it’s grab bag. We witnessed one of the weirdest elections this country has ever held, witnessed the split of a political party, witnessed the passing of some culture icons, and witnessed the complete breakdown of unity among Americans of different “races” (intentional quotes). Serious WTF moments right there. I’m not one to get all weepy at the passing of a celebrity, but some were responsible for shaping culture (whether positive or negative is irrelevant), and others left their mark for being far more human than the rest of us. This presidential election was like sunshine, exposing unsavory undercurrents from all sides that hopefully will be disinfected. As to the racial discord, THAT I do get weepy over. And by weepy, I mean ragey. I grew up in a time when EVERYONE aspired to live by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words and took them to heart. His memory and his work have been sullied by people who foment hatred for money and fame. As to politics, they still make strange bedfellows. And stranger offspring.

Anyway, here’s to a better year, one filled with promise of good things, interspersed with just enough bad to make us appreciate the good. You can’t have one without the other, after all. I may be a Pollyanna, but after 2016, I need to be a bit more realistic 😉