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Apr 2

Hooker of the Week

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 in HOOKER!!, HOTW

And yes, it embiggenifies nicely.

denise milani beach bikini

Have a great day of the hump :D

Apr 1

Girlie Drink of the Week

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 in BOOZE!!, Social

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I decided to take the weekend off, and then Monday came and I had no desire to post anything because my head was filled with tax crap. That and I was cleaning out some of the garage. And the bathroom. Also, some book folding may have been involved.

But the taxes are filed, and it is time for today’s BOOZE entry. Not a very girlie drink, but definitely classy, just like me.

Shut it.

black russian

Black Russian

  • 2 oz. unflavored vodka
  • 1 oz. coffee liqueur
  • maraschino cherry

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add the vodka and liqueur, and stir to mix. Garnish with the cherry.

This drink has no innocent additives to dilute the BOOZE so be warned. You drink this down like a glass of soda and next thing you know it’s morning and you have permanent marker all over your face. And if you’re crafty like me, you have LOTS of markers to use on the poor sap.

Not that I have ever done such a thing ;)

Mar 28

A Salt and Battered

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, March 28, 2014 in Food Porn, Open Thread

When Tiberius came to visit, we gave him free reign over the remote control, and Little One found herself fascinated by two different channels: Chiller, and Food Network. It is disconcerting to be watching Bobby Flay one minute, and then watching someone being flayed the next.

The juxtaposition is not without merit, I’m sure.

Anyway, one of her now-favorite TV shows is Chopped. I find it heartbreaking to watch, but she loves it. I could never be a participant, simply because I lack the vision on how to fix an entree using Honeycomb™ cereal, Ahi tuna, parsnips, and oyster sauce. What I have noticed, though, is the chefs’ habits of reaching for heat. Not a dish is served that doesn’t have some sort of hot spice in it, including the desserts sometimes. I myself can not handle spicy foods much, but understand that heat can bring out certain flavors in the foods in which is added.

hot pepper

I get that. I really do. But it just seems to me that EVERY SINGLE DISH prepared on these shows has to have heat. Personally, I prefer to use herbs and salt to bring out flavor. Eating spicy foods tends to sear my tastebuds, leaving them feeling like they have been trampled to death.

Sure, I’m in the minority on this. Hard for a person of Hispanic descent to admit to such a thing, I’m sure! But I am sure y’all have opinions on what is the best way to spice up foods, even if it means using Bhut Jolokia :D

Mar 27

Thursday Random

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Thursday, March 27, 2014 in Bonus Hooker, Funny Pics, Randomness, Teh Funny

wine duct tape lol


Mar 26

Hooker of the Week

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 in HOOKER!!, HOTW



Mar 25

Girlie Drink of the Week

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 in BOOZE!!, Social

This week’s offering is not really a girlie drink. Originally created back in the 1940′s, the Moscow Mule was conceived as a way to market vodka to Americans.

That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

moscow mule

Moscow Mule

  • 1½ oz. unflavored vodka
  • ½ oz. lime juice
  • ginger beer
  • copper mug

First, chill the copper mug in the freezer for a while. The longer it’s chilled, the better. Fill the chilled mug with crushed ice, then add the vodka and the lime juice. Top off with ginger beer, and garnish with lime and crushed mint. To keep the drink cold longer, chill the ingredients first.

A word of advice: you really do need to drink this from a copper mug. Using a rocks or highball glass makes it taste different. I’m not a chemist, and didn’t play one on TV or even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express™ once, but trust me on the copper mug thing. Besides, the mug looks rather pretty, too.

Buy it for looks and for life, I suppose :)

Mar 24

At Least It Starts With the Letter “U”

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Monday, March 24, 2014 in Idiotarians, Politics, War

As the world watches Ukraine and Putin, and begins to wonder what happened to Georgia (the republic, not the state), our esteamed* Prez and leader of the somewhat free world decided it was time to get serious and get involved.

In Uganda.


Early Monday, the White House confirmed a Washington Post report that the U.S. was sending “associated support personnel,” and a “limited number” of CV-22 Osprey aircraft to assist local forces in their long-running battle against Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. Obama sent about 100 U.S. troops to help the African forces in 2011.

The administration did not specify how many troops and aircraft would be sent to Africa, but the Post reported that the president had ordered four Osprey aircraft and 150 Air Force special operations members and airmen to Uganda.

I’m all for helping the oppressed, don’t get me wrong. But having studied Sub-Saharan African cultures, and the geography, I’m pretty freakin’ sure they will never find much less catch that Kony character anytime soon. Besides that, I have to ask, how does his capture secure the freedom of not just the people of Uganda and the Central African Republic (so-called), but also of the US? Just how is Kony a threat to Western interests? He has no nuclear capabilities, no organized army divisions, nothing but a mythical shroud to provide him cover. This is akin to the Ugandan Army sending troops to Los Angeles to capture the Hillside Stranglers.

Meanwhile, Vlad “Impale Them All” Putin is poised to go to war over Ukraine as a probable second step (don’t forget Georgia, the republic, not the state) in his quest to re-establish Russia as a superpower and making Poland, Hungary, and all the other former bloc nations very, very nervous, since the US no longer has their backs. But the Prez will write a sternly-worded letter or reprimand while trying to calm the European countries on his tour.

He will no doubt try to douse that conflagration with just enough gasoline.

* Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose ;)

Mar 21

A Query For the Quorum

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Friday, March 21, 2014 in blogosphere, Open Thread, Rants

That makes no sense, except that I wanted to use the letter “Q” in the title today. It’s a title as good as any, right? But it is not without merit. We are predictable in this here blog. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays have predetermined themes, and Cthulhu forbid I stray from Wednesday’s theme, ever. Y’all would hunt me down like a pack of rabid coyotes and set my world on fire. Maybe. But technically that leaves three days in which to write about current events, or politics, or even….



…..maybe. Booze is a great topic but y’all don’t care much for girlie drinks, and The Blog Boss won’t be returning for a while as yet, so you’ll have to deal with frou-frou drinks until then. So the questions (Hurray for the letter “Q”!!) for today is: would y’all like to see posts on the weekends, and if so, what topics do y’all want covered?

I bet BC will chime in with some interesting topics :D

Mar 20

Thursday Random

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Thursday, March 20, 2014 in Bonus Hooker, Funny Pics, Randomness, Teh Funny

meanwhile in russia lol


Mar 19

Hooker of the Week

Posted by LC Aggie Sith on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 in HOOKER!!, HOTW

She sure is popular.

kate green bikini

And if you’re looking at funny camels on Wednesdays instead of this, you need help ;)