Drink of the Week

I love March. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and Lent is close to ending. But the best part of March, aside that whole “coming together to stab, in groups” thing, is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish, but I sure appreciate the culture and revelry and spirit of the Irish.

Except Notre Dame. They are dead to me.

Today’s Drink of the Week will slam you to the ground. Very appropriate, since I am sure a lot of people will be slammed to the ground physically while celebrating the holiday.


Irish Car Bomb

  • ¾ pint Guinness Stout™
  • 1 oz. shot Bailey’s™ Irish Cream

Simply drop the shot into the stout, boilermaker style, and chug it down. You do have to drink this quickly because the cream will curdle in the drink. Some prefer to do a half-and-half shot of Bailey’s and Jameson’s™, but this is simpler and less messy.

Believe me, you want to save the mess for the eventual bar fight 😉

A Full Serving of Word Salad, With Stale Croutons on the Side

Some of y’all have been following the Republican primaries and been wondering why I have been rather silent on the matter. It is exhausting trying to keep up with the muckraking and the mudslinging and the stubby fingers.

However, there comes a time when I read something that just boggles and makes my eyes bleed.

In his own words: Donald Trump details amazing plans for his White House

I am not an orator, nor do I pretend to be articulate. I do make an effort to make myself understood and back up my opinion with facts. It is not much to ask that someone running for the highest office in our country do the same. I also expect the candidate to detail his platform step by step.

You know, we have a lot of folks in the Huntsville-Madison area, this whole area. Really thriving. You do know that, right? Really thriving. It’s doing well. And you know we’re going to keep that space program going, folks. Gotta keep it going. We’ll be doing a lot cutting. But when it comes to that, I have to tell you, we’re going to be keeping it going.

Just how will you do a lot of cutting but keep the space program going? Because you need manpower to actually, you know, keep a program going. And you need to pay that manpower, too. Unless you plan on launching Skynet.

So, I just want to tell you, we’re going to build that wall. It’s going to work. We’re going to have a strong border. People are going to come into our country. But they’re going to come in legally. Only legally.

Ok, how?? Even if we stop giving foreign aid to Mexico, the money would pay for maybe a few hundred miles, if that. How about enforcing our laws? Wouldn’t that be a good start? He never mentions that.

So we’ve had some interesting times together. You know, Time magazine a couple of weeks ago had a cover story that this is a movement. This isn’t me. I’m a messenger. This is really a movement. We’re gonna take our country back. We’re gonna run it smart.

In his defense, the title of  Messiah was taken. But no one has yet compared themselves to Joan of Arc, amirite? Once again, he makes a claim and doesn’t explain the plans. Just…..run it smart.

He blathers on and then gets his hackles up over Marco Rubio. He excoriates Vicente Fox for using the F word when speaking of “the wall”, but then turns around and calls Rubio names. Because civility. He goes on and on about Rubio, pretty much confirming how scared he is of Rubio’s popularity.

Now he wants to act like a big man, Oh, Trump’s a con man. I built an incredible business. I filed papers with the Federal Election that are so unbelievable and believe me if they weren’t unbelievable I wouldn’t be here right now and these guys would have never ever they could not believe how great a company I built.

I had no idea that four bankruptcies and 12 failed businesses made an incredible company. Maybe he was speaking of Trump University? Trump Taj Mahal?

I’m self-funding my campaign, folks. I don’t care. We’re gonna make the right decisions. I’m self-funding.

Yes, that’s why there is a “Donate” button on your campaign website.

He keeps rambling on and on, disjointed, skipping back to Rubio a few times, mulling over the GWOT, the YUGEness of the crowd, the hecklers he threw out, etc. But never, not once, does he explain how things will get done in a Trump administration, perhaps because that isn’t the plan. Honestly, Trump doesn’t seem to want the job, just like the current Prez. He just wants the fame and notoriety. That’s what he is used to in Life.


So welcome to Presidential Apprentice, the next spinoff of his so-called reality TV show. Pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of hemlock tea.

Drink of the Week

This drink is less famous than his sister, Brandy. But it is older and therefore sharper, since it uses gin. It is good for the goose, and the addition of nutmeg makes it good for the gander, as well.

alexander cocktail


  • 1 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. white creme de cacao
  • 1 oz. light cream (or half and half)
  • grated nutmeg (optional)

Pour liquid ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass of choice, and sprinkle the nutmeg if desired. Personally I would sprinkle chocolate shavings, but that’s the way I roll 🙂

Drink of the Week, Late Edition

This week is slowly… no, quickly getting away from me. No excuse for it save that I get overwhelmed by projects that get under my skin, screaming to be done.

This week’s offering is a very old cocktail, hailing back to the 1880’s or so. Being an old-fashioned gal myself, I like to dig for forgotten drinks and try to give them a bit of limelight.

brandy scaffa

Brandy Scaffa

  • 1½ oz. brandy
  • ¾ oz. maraschino liqueur
  • dash of bitters

Pour each ingredient in order into an old fashioned rocks glass, and swirl gently. I like this one on the rocks, but it is best at room temperature. There is more heat and the sweetness of the liqueur lingers. It’s a good one to enjoy sitting by a fire 😉

A Story of a Hero

I was given a heads up last week about this story of a young boy in Afghanistan.

walid afghan

That’s Wasil Ahmad, a ten year old boy from Uruzgan province in Afghanistan. His uncle is a former Taliban commander who switched allegiance and became a local police commander. His father was killed fighting against the Taliban, and his uncle was wounded in an attack. So he did the unthinkable: took up arms and led his uncle’s men for 44 days while his uncle recovered, successfully fending off Taliban forces. A ten year old did what many men in the country either couldn’t, or wouldn’t. He fought against tyranny in honor of his father. Once his uncle recovered, he was back to living as normal a life as he can in that hell.

Until last week, when he was killed by Taliban while on his way to his fourth grade class.

To say I am moved by this story is putting it mildly. We often wonder what happened to the mettle that men and women had during times of war. Our military is brimming with men and women like this. But they are adults facing the worst we can imagine. This was a ten year old boy who found that courage deep within, and brought it forth in the face of death and destruction. And his death only underscores the inhumanity that drives Islamic terror.

There was a time when tolerance was an option. Many of us said, “Live and let live”. But the harsh reality is that terrorists don’t want to let us live. They want us enslaved, or dead. These demons killed a child because he bested them, pushed them back and declared the battle a victory. There is nothing and no one Islamic terrorists will not destroy.

It is us, or them. They declared a holy war against everyone. They will not stop until the last infidel is dead. And it is not lightly that I say eradication is a viable option. So it is time to ask ourselves: do we have the strength of Wasil in us? Or will we keep excusing and reasoning, trying to win hearts and minds of those who have neither?

The time is coming when we will have to answer.

Drink of the Week

Notice something different? That’s right. It was suggested by some followers on Twitter that I cater to the more manly drinks, so as to provide some balance. Far be it for me to deny the gents libations. They are the audience to which I cater, after all.

This week’s offering was a previous entry in the last incarnation of the site. However, since it went buh-bye, I don’t mind reposting it.



  • ¾ oz. sweet vermouth
  • 2½ oz. bourbon
  • dash of angostura bitters
  • maraschino cherry and twist of orange peel, for garnishing

Place the cherry in a rocks glass with ice. Pour the vermouth and bourbon. Add the dash of bitters, and stir gently to avoid clouding the drink. Take the orange peel and rub the edge on the rim of the glass, then twist the peel over the drink to release the oils, then discard.

All you need now is a nice, comfortable leather chair and your slippers, and you can relax 😉