Tuesday Tipple

Friend of the blog Tiberius Alatheus is coming for a visit this week, and asked that I have some ingredients for libations in hand: lime juice, grapefruit juice, cremé de menthe, and chocolate liqueur.

I can’t imagine what this will taste like, but the hallucinogenic properties may be epic.

That said, I have a better use for the lime juice.


Grand Raspberry Peach Margarita

  • 1 oz. Grand Marnier No. 2
  • 1 oz. tequila (I prefer silver, but reposado or añejo will do fine)
  • ¾ oz. lime juice
  • ½ oz. simple syrup
  • fresh raspberries, lime slices, and/or peach slices for garnish

Pour all liquid ingredients into an ice-filled shaker and mix well. Pour all into a pretty margarita glass if you’re a gal, or into a highball glass if you’re a guy. Garnish with the fruit as desired. Or eat fruit while drinking.

As to Tiberius’ ingredients, I shall give a full report next week. Pray for me 😉

Tuesday Tipple

It is almost autumn, but you would think we were still in the fifth ring of Hades from the reading on the thermostats. Still, that just means we get to have nice cold libations a bit longer, even though our chestnuts feel like they are already roasting.

Today’s offering is a simple one. I am a fan of ginger ale, but seldom drink it unless I am traveling by plane. It may be just me, but it helps to calm me somewhat. Not that I am a jittery passenger. I just don’t want to feel like throat punching the passenger next to me when he bitches about the lack of peanuts in the bag (True story. The bitching, not the punching).


Limon and Ginger

  • one part ginger ale
  • one part rum
  • lime or lemon wedge for garnish

Pour liquid ingredients into an ice-filled glass, and garnish with the citrus wedge. Yes, limon means “lemon” in Spanish, but lime works well with the drink. Or you can just take the wedge and give it to your dog, and watch as hilarity ensues 😉

The New Hivemind

Just when I think nothing can possibly surprise me, Reality laughs and throws juggling knives at me.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday that it’s high time for Donald Trump’s former primary challengers to come on board and support his campaign—and suggested there could be trouble for them in 2020 or 2024 if they don’t.

“Those people need to get on board,” he told CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “And if they’re thinking they’re going to run again someday, I think that we’re going to evaluate the process – of the nomination process and I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them.”

I’m old enough to remember when the GOP criticized the Democratic Party for this tactic. I remember when the GOP embraced the individual and deplored groupthink. I remember when the GOP meant something. Priebus is now threatening politicians for adhering to their principles and not endorsing the GOP candidate. When did the GOP become the party of unity by groupthink?? Since when is loyalty to the party more important than loyalty to your conscience and your principles?

I’m not here to tell you why you should vote for candidate X or candidate Y. The bridge was crossed and burned and salted over months ago. Some of you have decided to hold your nose and vote for the GOP candidate, others have decided they will never do so, still some have decided to vote for the Dem candidate, and more than a few for the Libertarian or write-in options. And that is all perfectly acceptable!!!! It is YOUR vote. You give it to the candidate that has earned it.

Your vote counts, no matter what people tell you. If you don’t vote for X, it does NOT mean a vote for Y. It never has. This is no binary choice, no matter that we have two main parties. You have a privilege to vote, and the choice to exercise it in the manner that you see fit. Marching lock-step with a party never ends well. The chairman of the party formerly known as the GOP fails to understand that.

Thursday Temptation

So, lots happening around here, to the point that I didn’t even have time to post a tipple on Tuesday. I mean, that’s just wrong. But if I were to skip Thursdays, the boss would fire me and then where would y’all be??


I looked very closely to make sure she didn’t violate H&B terms of nippleage. Feel free to examine yourself, since the pic does embiggen 😉

Have a great Thursday!!!

Tuesday Tipple

Welcome to today’s Girlie Drink of the Week. Instead of a cocktail, I decided to showcase one of our state’s breweries, Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Shiner Bock is my go-to beer, but the brewery is also well-known for their seasonal flavors, Oktoberfest being one of their top-selling offerings. During the spring and summer, Shiner also offers what some would call “fruity” beers. I call one of them delish.


Shiner Prickly Pear is one of their fruit beers. Usually I tend to pass on fruit in my beer because in my frank opinion, fruit doesn’t belong in beer. I don’t even use limes like hipsters do when drinking Corona. But this beer is amazing. Yes, it is sweet, but has a tangy flavor underneath. The sweetness is not overpowering but rather subtle, and the taste is more along the lines of green, not fruit. If you can find it, I highly recommend it. I am hoarding my last six-pack until Oktoberfest comes out 😉