Tuesday Tipple

Welcome to today’s Girlie Drink of the Week. Instead of a cocktail, I decided to showcase one of our state’s breweries, Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Shiner Bock is my go-to beer, but the brewery is also well-known for their seasonal flavors, Oktoberfest being one of their top-selling offerings. During the spring and summer, Shiner also offers what some would call “fruity” beers. I call one of them delish.


Shiner Prickly Pear is one of their fruit beers. Usually I tend to pass on fruit in my beer because in my frank opinion, fruit doesn’t belong in beer. I don’t even use limes like hipsters do when drinking Corona. But this beer is amazing. Yes, it is sweet, but has a tangy flavor underneath. The sweetness is not overpowering but rather subtle, and the taste is more along the lines of green, not fruit. If you can find it, I highly recommend it. I am hoarding my last six-pack until Oktoberfest comes out 😉

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

George Thorogood is one of those timeless bastards like AC/DC where you can never really pin down a decade or “genre” for these fuckers.

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer is a combination of two John Lee Hooker songs. House Rent Blues and One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.

I love John Lee Hooker but I honestly have to give this one to Thorogood.

From here we move on (heh) to Move It On Over … This is a mother fucking Hank Williams song …

This is a tougher call but I still have to give this one to Thorogood.

Now I have to point out this one that everyone knows. If there is a single George Thorogood song that people know, its this one. Continue Reading

Tuesday Tipple

I notice that it is nearly time for one of the most dramatic telenovelas in the history of literature: The Hugo Awards.

I need to find the over/under on Scalzi having a breakdown again.

Anyway, the Drink of the Week is the perfect accompaniment for the coming debacle.



  • 3 oz. white wine
  • 1 oz. elderflower liqueur
  • ½ oz. soda water
  • mint leaves

Pour all liquid ingredients into a wineglass filled with ice. Garnish with the mint leaves. I like to muddle the leaves in the liqueur, then add ice and the wine and soda. It makes the drink more refreshing, just like Larry Correia’s epic smackdown 😉