SBRs are stupid

So I’m talking mostly about AR pistols.

I’m no ballistics expert, but here’s my understanding: You have x amount of propulsion and n amount of mass. The idea is to propel that mass down a confined tube with maximum efficiency.

More mass takes more propulsion to get to a given velocity.

Now we’re not dealing with whatever values we like. There are not only constraints to the values available to us there is also a limitation of pre-made combinations of these values.

Ideally, the propulsion you have available is completely expended at the same point your mass leaves the confined tube. For morons, the powder is burned at the moment the projectile leaves the barrel. Not before, not after.

So for off the shelf bits, this leaves you with rifle rounds designed for rifle-length barrels and pistol rounds designed for pistol-length barrels. Now, I’m not smart in these things but I’m mostly certain that your average off the shelf 5.56 ammo is designed for about an 18 inch (maybe 20) barrel. You fire this round through a 6 inch or 10 inch barrel and you’ve blown most or half of your propulsion out the barrel to no effect. You get a loud noise, shitloads of unburned powder leaving the barrel and a projectile that is moving far slower than intended.

To my estimation this is not much different than firing an off the shelf 9mm round out of a 20 inch barrel. The propulsion has expended itself before your projectile reaches the end of the barrel resulting in a slower than optimal projectile.

I could be entirely wrong about all of this and I’m quite certain someone will tell me I’m completely full of shit. If you want a short barrel, you should be using a pistol ammunition.

I totally understand the idea of a short rifle. It gives you a forearm for stability but is short enough to maneuver in tight spaces.

For me, that means pistol caliber carbine. Like God intended. Not this silly AR pistol shit.

/begin flamewar

Tuesday Tipple

Today’s libation is a take on the ever-popular Paloma cocktail, but it was inspired by a friend on the Twitterwebs, @velvetsugar76. She has the most awesome monikers. I featured a cocktail I made up in her honor over at Sithy Things, but as most people who concoct new libations do, I had leftover booze and went further making up another cocktail.

Velvet Dove

  • 2 oz. grapefruit juice (ruby red is my choice)
  • 3/4 oz. silver tequila
  • 3/4 oz. simple syrup
  • 2 oz. prosecco

Pour the first three ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a highball with ice (or glass of choice). Pour the prosecco into glass and stir gently to combine.

I found the cocktail to be on the sweet side, so omit the simple syrup if you prefer. Best to enjoy in a leisurely manner. It made me so woozy, I had to wait to sober up enough to write the Sithy post. 😀

BotW: The Martini

The motherfucking martini. Not some glass of vodka. I mean a motherfucking martini.

Two shots of gin. One shot of dry vermouth. Dash of orange bitters. Make that shit cold. Shake it, stir it, don’t give a fuck just make it cold. Strain that baddass concoction into a glass. Stab an olive with a nice sharp toothpick and drop that bad boy in there. DONE. Drink that shit.

Uppity sounding name aside, this is a man’s drink. Rum and coke? Jack and coke? Vodka and soda? Fuck you. You mix your booze with more booze. The only thing in this drink that don’t have alcohol is the olive and you can bet your ass it’ll be alcoholic by the time you get to it.

If you’re going to be a drunk, by God be a classy drunk.

Pro tip: odd numbers of olives only. never even. even is bad luck. if you want more than one, then you need three.

No Fucks To Give

You’ll not find any big banners or popups here talking about cookies and privacy notices. There are no ads on this site. I don’t make money off of it. I don’t track you because I don’t care.

That said, I give no fucks about the EU directives on the Internet. If we (networkingly) walled Europe off the internet tomorrow, I’m fair certain I’d barely notice ( there are a couple of YouTubers there I like).

The EU is trying very hard to get kicked off the Internet.

Also, if you’ve never watched Dave Cullen’s stuff, he’s pretty damned good.

(I’m wondering if Government and Dumbassery should be two different categories)

Drunken Saturday … Friday edition

Ok I’ve abused y’all with TONS of 80’s music. There’s been good music. Bad music. Music y’all probably hate.

Fun fact … I didn’t graduate high school in the 80’s.

It was 1990.





So Billboard says this was the #1 song for 1990.

Um … no shit? I remember this but I really thought it was earlier than 1990.

I’m kinda fucking with y’all a little. Click more ….

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