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  1. You are a woman of great restraint. I’m afraid that after yesterday’s rambling, incoherent legislating from the bench that I subjected my poor long suffering fiancee to an epic rant. Todays decision was no better. Reading the majority opinion made it clear that the republic is dead. They believe that we should be ruled by the boy king with his 9 unelected rule makers. BAH

    • Well, if SSM can be mandated legal in all 50 states because one state has it, then I demand the same for concealed carry. And marijuana. And tuition (looking at you, Alaska).

  2. I want to begin a polygamous relationship, immediately, based upon the “enlightened” judicial diktat that was decreed by the Supreme Council of Marxist Muttfuckers. Since it’s all about “love”, I want the court to recognize my marriage to Newcastle Brown Ale, BBQ ribs (regular and babyback), pulled pork, bacon, chocolate ice cream and Cajun boiled peanuts. I also want all of the aforementioned “life partners” to be given Social Insecurity Numbers, “free” housing, “free” cell phones, “free” high-speed internet, “free” in-state tuition, “free” food (in the form of EBT cards), “free” air travel (without having to go through TSA screenings), “free” healthcare and anything else “free” that ILLEGAL aliens are given, on OUR dime. Also, since my new-found “life partners” are in a newly-formed “minority” (Read: “Polyamorous Foodstuffs”), I want them to be given preferential treatment when it comes to hiring, enrollment, loans, etc.

    If you disagree, you are haters and should be shouted down, humiliated, charged with hate crimes and your lives destroyed.

    • Why stop at simple polygamy?

      Just marry the whole human race. Imagine the inheritances you’d get!

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