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Look, Monday was hijacked by aliens, ok? Deal with that.

I know everyone keeps talking about the Trump/ McCain imbroglio, and frankly, I’m getting fed up with the constant running out of popcorn. But here are a few things to note:

A) McCain isn’t running for office.

2) Trump is self-serving.

iii) Nominations are still a year away.

Now, some people like Trump’s brashness, and agree with some of the points he makes. Others tend to view him as a wolf in conservative clothing. I tend to give him some benefit of the doubt here. I used to be a rabid liberal and now I am to the right of Reagan, so there is some validity to his claim of being further right than he used to be (I refuse to call him conservative, though). In his explanation for why he gave to democrats, he said he did it to further his business. When you think about it, he put his interests ahead of what was better for the country. Now, he is a businessman, true. But if you have political aspirations, it’s crap like this that will bite you in the ass.

I’m not a Trump fan. Frankly, I think he is hemlock in our cup of tea. He has made some good points and has made some bad ones. ALL politicians do that. I don’t believe Trump will get the nomination, but it is my belief he is the Perot Candidate, though not intentionally. The rest of the GOP field should stop giving him the limelight and take a cue from Fiorina and go back to attacking the democrats instead of infighting like kids on the monkey bars. And what say y’all?? 😀

LC Aggie Sith


  1. This encapsulates the problem with the GOP…

    Everyone is so busy reacting to Trump/Democraps/Newsflash-of-the-day, that they are taking their eyes off the prize.

    The GOP lacks proactivity. Period. They lose the spin game constantly, because they revert to form in order to preserve the old guard.

    Less reaction to negative comments and more focus on fixing the wrongs of the past from both sides of the aisle is what is needed.

    I mean, who the fuck cares what Trump says? McCain may not have sold out in Hanoi, but he has in DC. Either way, he should retire. At least Trump has the balls to say what needs to be said.

    We just need someone with the balls to do what needs doing.

  2. I realized yesterday, when Graham and Perry were double-teaming him, that Trump is a Marvel Comics villain. The other candidates are the Avengers. Except maybe Avengers whose super powers look like their weaknesses: Graham is fighting with humor, Perry with a speech in which he throws out a lot of big words.

    Still, I’m confident about this Marvel villain thing. When I saw one of Trump’s speeches, I thought he was Kingpin from Daredevil.

  3. OK hold on to your hair, I like Trump. (just not for president) Don’t think he’ll make the nomination but hoping that he can make the others realize what is important to a huge chunk of conservatives. Maybe it isn’t a bad thing that he’s taking the slings and arrows from the lame stream media because it keeps them off the rest of them. This far out from the election that is just fine. as for McCain, he is a senile old man who has sold us out. Don’t like him, won’t defend him.
    I agree that the GOP needs to stop with the infighting. They always do this and send the “victor” in so damaged he can’t even beat a second term zero

  4. Could Trump be the canary in the coal mine? (if there are any mines left…). I mean he could be saying all this BS and getting everybody hootin’ and hoolerin’ just to be able to take the pressure off the real candidates.

  5. i don’t get the fascination with trump; other than him beating on the dumbasses in DC, he is a zero as a leader. It’s all about him and damn the rest of the world. If he were to actually get into office he would become the worlds first trillionaire – that would be his only focus.

    re: him being a republican or better yet a conservative – this notion is soooo fantazmagorical as to be side splittingly funny. He’s a Trumplican; nothing more, nothing less. He is a man without morals or humility – a true disaster if elected.

    This country will be greatly diminished if he is able to grab the ring.

  6. The more I see and hear of Trump the better I feel about him. Let’s face it: anyone that’s pulled themselves up to the level he has (and that goes for other aspiring politicians as well) will be full of themselves. To disparage him because he may or may not be in it for himself presumes any of the others aren’t, which is BS on it’s face. Anyone that has the audacity to think he or she is qualified to be POTUS has, by definition, an outsized ego. If anything, at least Trump has proven he can prosper by his own efforts. And he sure doesn’t need to sell out to any other interests or have any fear of the GOP ‘elite’. As far as him changing positions over the years: who hasn’t? I can rattle off several “flip-flops” I’ve made since I started paying attention. More power to him, says I.

  7. I can’t stand watching another round of the Republican circular firing squad. I’ll be surprised if anyone comes out of it that I would vote for without holding my nose and saying he/she is the lesser of two evils.

    Trump as a candidate is a joke, but at least he is saying some things that need to be said and in a way they need to be said.

    It bothers me that it keeps coming down to the evil party vs. the stupid party. Again. And again.

    I’ve never been a bourbon drinker but this might push me that way.

  8. I think we only need to put up with this crap a little longer. I reckon the 2020 campaign will kick off in week or so.

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