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It is hotter than Kate Upton on the SI issue out here. So I am adapting the drinks I serve to pitcher volume. No sense in doing one drink at a time when I barely have enough energy in this heat to lift the glass as it is.

bourbon ice tea

Bourbon Ice Tea

  • 2 cups sweet iced tea
  • 6 oz. bourbon
  • Lemon slices, preferably Meyer lemons.
  • Mint sprigs

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher. Crush a few springs into the mix to release the oils. Pour into an ice-filled glass with additional mint sprigs to garnish. Drink up and pray that the summer heat abates before you do 🙂

LC Aggie Sith

One Comment

  1. “That” sounds more like “Love Potion # 9!!” from an old pop song from the New Orleans area back in the early 60’s!!!
    ‘Rememberin’ cruzin’ Bourbon Street on those “Hot August Nights” back in the mid 60’s!!!! If only my old Madras Sport Coat….”Still Fit!!”
    …… “Oh when the Saints……..(you know the rest!)

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