Girlie Drink of the Week

My week is a sad one. Son leaves for college and Hubby leaves for his new post. I could only hope that packing for them both would be a Herculean task. It would be easier that way. Hopefully I will be done with that today and can relax for the rest of the time they are here. And what better way to relax than to imbibe, right??



  • 1 part whipped cream flavored vodka
  • 2 parts orange soda

Pour ingredients into an ice-filled shaker and swirl gently. Strain into a martini glass. You can also pour it all into a highball, ice and all. I prefer to use orange soda over orange juice because I want that sharp fake orange taste that takes me back to childhood, when “artificial” wasn’t a bad word. If you prefer no fizziness, try using Tangโ„ข Orange Drink. It was good enough for astronauts, so it’s good enough for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Funny how your success as a mom and military wife leaves you a bit sad. It’s ok to be nostalgic, but don’t forget to be proud of hubs and your wonderful kiddos.

    Can youfind some Mexican Fanta with real sugar? I bet that would be the best!


  2. Looks interesting, and my mental tastebuds are working to taste this. Kids and hubby will be fine, and you can rest and/or do as you will while they’re gone.

    • I’ll be busy while they are gone. The thrift store has me on speed dial

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