The World Burns and I’m Out of Ice Cream

Last week, the Dow lost 600 points in two days, and opened down over 1,000 points this morning. Before I could do a run at Baskin Robbinsโ„ข, it began to recover, bouncing off the “lows” slowly and reaching -266 points as I write this. Markets go up and down, go on life support and then recover. This was triggered in part by instability in China, which just happens to own our debt.

Now you begin to understand why I need some World Class Chocolate by the quart.

Meanwhile, you have glorious whackjobs like Oliver Willis are doing full 180s regarding Teh Prez and the economy:

owillis 180 lol

In 2009 libs were all “TEH PREZ SAVED THE ECONOMY”. A mere 6 years later they claim he has nothing to do with the economy. Just like Iraq wasn’t his war but he totes “ended” it. It’s politics as usual, and as my blogger friend tree hugging sister says, perfected by the party that does it most often.

*down 170 points now, so whoo hoo!!*

Anyway, the best soundbite today comes from the resident Socialist, Bernie Sanders. He actually made me LOL, out loud:

“Unfettered trade”??? UNFETTERED?????


Either he has forgotten his votes on trade (which is totally believable), or he is completely ignorant of the control our government has over free trade (more believable). I’ll be honest here. I like Mr. Sanders. He is honest in his beliefs and has never wavered from them. But he is a marxist in socialist clothing. His belief in government control for the Common Good can only lead to Stalin v. 2.5. Our world is burning and socialism will be like throwing kerosene on the flames while bombing it with Greek Fire (SWIDT??). Corrections in the market are inevitable either way. But they are more stable when government stays out of it.

I’m going to go plunk down $20 on two quarts of World Class Chocolate. Little One and I can each have one, and I can eat straight from the container. This government is trying to take all the joy out of living, and I refuse to give them that.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. After Hillary hit her head, I realized a substantial number of politicians had the same symptoms, and the Democratic Party had more than their share. I never thought concussions were contagious, but it’s looking more like they are.

    • Wow, that explains a lot. contagious concussions.:-)
      World class chocolate does make life a little brighter

  2. “Ice Cream!!!!!!!” God I love the stuff, ‘last quart I bought cost me 5 pounds!!! That’s on the scale, not British money!!! ‘Can’t enjoy it like I usedta’!! Everything that’s any Good is either Illegal, Immoral, Fattening, Expensive, Politically incorrect, on a .govt watch list, outlawed by the EPA, categorically denied by the BATFE!!! and/or some rag-head muzzy rage-boy group!!
    Got Gunz…OUTLAW!!!!,

  3. Yes, despite Obama’s best efforts, the stock market rose.

    After all, he has been chasing businesses around with a mallet and a wooden stake.

  4. World Class Chocolate has been my favorite since the first time I tasted, lo’ those many years ago. I knew we were on the same Zen Plane at some level. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My ab fave is seasonal, but since this is year-round, it’s my kryptonite ๐Ÿ˜€

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