This shit is just old.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the crazed fucktard shooting the reporter and cameraman or the family or the coworkers or the complete strangers in South Carolina or California or Chicago or here or there or where the fuck ever (Edit by Aggie- yesterday’s shooting was in Virginia, though it wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last, tragically).

No .. I’m not going to call for gun control or whatever knee-jerk reaction we’re going (or already are) to hear from the left and weak-ass bits of the right.


Sure there’s the occasional terrorist or put-upon fucker who has just had to much and snapped but most of these fucks are just …


They’re miserable, depressed and they want to end their fucked up lives. But they don’t have the balls to just give a blowjob to Remington or Ruger.

So they back themselves into a corner where they have no choice but to end it.

That’s what they’re doing. This is never about righteousness or revenge for real or perceived wrongs against them. Its simply about forcing themselves into a position where they have no choice but to end themselves.

Now these sad bastards offing themselves doesn’t concern me. Maybe I’m a little too libertarian in some ways. I suppose in principle I’m not opposed to providing these sad fucks with help, its just that I mostly don’t care.

I don’t care if I don’t know them. For a friend, I’d help. Its what friends do. As a stranger … not my problem.

However … these goddamned people need to nut-up and just do themselves. This bullshit of taking other people with them is … tiresome.



  1. I just wish they would reverse the order and put themselves out of their misery first. Sounds cold-hearted, but I am disgusted by their want of a final blaze of glory.

  2. My take on it….We’ve come to a point as a society where far too many people truly believe that if their life sucks, it HAS TO BE someone else’s fault….

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