When Photoshop is Your Friend

By now y’all know how much I despise P’shop. It is the bane of photography, a tool for extending lies. Sure, I sound rabid. But go to the check-out line in any store and tell me I’m wrong.

There are times, however, when even the most despicable can do a good thing. For example, remember the last interview Mrs. Hillary Clinton did?

HRC shrugging

The infamous shrug. It is now iconic around the internet. So many wonderful expressions were captured from her “I don’t know” claims.

One of my favorite Twitter peeps is @FilmLadd. His sarcasm is sublime and his sense of humor is just as dark. In his infinite wisdom, he decided the world would be a bit brighter by bringing both the shrug and P’shop together.

HRC Coneheads lol

HRC angels lol

HRC Dali lol

HRC dig china lol

HRC last supper lol

HRC metropolis lol

HRC mt rushmore lol

HRC nudes lol

HRC poppins lol

HRC Rear window lol

HRC slave leias lol

HRC Statue Liberty lol

HRC temple lol

HRC Waldo lol

HRC whistler mom lol

I spent my Friday evening laughing and snorting and crying over his Twitter feed. This is just a few of the many he composed. If you have an account, give him a follow. You won’t regret it 😀

LC Aggie Sith


    • That one and Whistler’s had me rolling. Though I think J.A.M. Whistler is spinning in his grave, Dali is laughing in his 😀

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