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A lot of people know me as a Sith, but what few people know is that I am an even BIGGER freak over Star Trek:TOS. To me, that series along with Babylon 5 are the be-all and end-all of Science Fiction (ok, Star Trek: DS9 was also awesome). Surprisingly, I abhor the new reboots. Can. Not. Stand. Them. Hubby likes them, thinks they are great. Me, I’m all WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?? But no one asked me, and I have bigger fish frying in my life than to squander thought on this travesty. Anyway, reader MrFixItou812 was kind enough to post this somewhere where I could then steal creatively borrow it.

star trek tos facts

It does embiggen. They missed adding up the times Sawbones reminded Jim that he was a doctor 😀

Anything else y’all would add to it?

LC Aggie Sith


    • I like fan stuff. I don’t like the new movies. Benedict Cumbersome as Khan pretty much sent me into conniptions.

      • +1! Tried to watch that movie twice – both times I didn’t get past halfway before turning it off, vomiting, and looking around for hard liquor.

        The first one had its moments (including Rachel Nichols as the green Orion cadet), but had serious problems as well.

  1. They prolly shoulda included some of Scotty’s catch phrase(s) Or how many times Urhura got boinked…..Or how many instances of ship to ship combat….phaser discharge vs. torpedo…..shuttle excursions….

  2. Another “first” for Ozulu…

    First “president” to marry and breed outside the species 👿

  3. Needs number of times Scotty uses Scottish terminology (‘wee bairns,’ etc.), how often Chekov attributes something’s invention/discovery/etc. to Russia, number of times Spock claims things are fascinating, number oc times the Prime Directive is violated, number of planets suspiciously similar to Earth (3, I think, plus the Law of Parallel Planetary Development, attempted invasions from outside our galaxy (at least one), number of Klingon episodes (three or four, I think?), number of Romulan episodes (like, two or three?)…

    The Nitpicker’s Guide to Classic Trek has lots of these kinds of tallies too

    (Oh, and there’s a lot of fun stuff in the Animated Series like purple-shirted Klingons and Giant Clone Spock– definitely worth watching.)

  4. Awesome! I’m gonna have to steal this for Twitter and post it during the weekly live-tweet of TOS on MeTV Saturday night…. Yeah, that’s how I spend my Saturday nights these days. Exciting, right? 🙂

  5. I recall an article I read once where someone had figured out that, statistically speaking, red-shirts were less in peril in episodes where Kirk gets laid.

  6. “Number of vials of Space Penicillin that Bones went through while treating Kirk’s various SpaceTD’s” would be interesting.

  7. I liked the first reboot, I thought it was close to the original.
    Except Kirk’s shirt wasn’t ripped, they missed something there.

    They also didn’t end on a good chuckler as the original one did.

    All the sequels were not scottish and so, were crap.
    TNG was the worst. They always had made-up science killing them so they inverted the sub-space particle field to fix it.
    They should just have had a wandering wizard fix it.
    Oh wait, they did. Q kept being their deus to ex their machina.

    I’m calling shenanigans on how many times his shirt was ripped, It’s easier to count how many times it didn’t get ripped.

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