Girlie Drink of the Week

Today’s offering is anything but girlie, seeing as it has no sweetness to it. Blog friend Tiberius always recommends that I add brandy or bourbon to warm milk to aid in sleep. Of course, he recommends I give it to the kids (insert rolling of eyes here). The drink does come with a story.

One of my favorite authors is Rob Kroese. I recently got addicted to his book series, The Land of Dis. If you enjoyed the sarcasm and punniness of Hitchhiker’s Guide, you would enjoy Kroese’s books. Anyway, one of the funniest parts in the beginning of the series has to do with sheep. Suicidal sheep. No, I’m not joking. The sheep have been bred to have such thick wool, that the itchiness drives them to suicide.

Y’all have got to read this book series. I can’t do it justice. This drink is in honor of sheep with suicidal tendencies.


Warm Woolly Sheep

  • 1 part scotch
  • 1½ parts Drambuie
  • warm milk to taste

Stir together the first two ingredients in a glass, then add warm milk to your liking. I’m not a fan of milk, the aftertaste is bitter to me. But booze makes it a more palatable bitter, if you know what I mean.

Pleasant dreams 😉

LC Aggie Sith

One Comment

  1. Scotch. Drambuie. One Ice Cube.

    Some assembly required.

    Oh, and must be single malt.

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