Bringing on the Heartbreak

By now the world knows that Speaker of the House John Boehner is stepping down at the end of October.

The wonderful Ms. Attkinson being diplomatic, as always. We all know it was not to avoid a battle, but to avoid losing. Much cheering transpired from the right. But a few on the left were downright crestfallen over the news.

If by “radical conservatives” you mean “conservatives who want reps to do their jobs”, then yes. The heartbreak didn’t stop there, though.

It appears Planned Parenthood just lost a friend. At least they are mourning over something.

Senator Reid, not to be outdone in the heartbreak, espouses his belief that the current establishment leadership remotely resembled the Reagan one. But if you ever needed proof that our soon-to-be-former Speaker was a duplicitous, spineless, egotistical platyhelminthes, look no further than Teh Prez.

The only good thing Speaker Boehner ever did was support Israel. I can’t think of anything else, frankly. But hey, I’m a lady, and will raise a glass in remembrance of his tenure.

After all, bourbon goes well with Cheetos™.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Are we talking baked or crunchy Cheetos? I believe a good bourbon deserves nothing less than crunchy!!

    And farewell Boehner. May the door never hit you on the ass on the way out…and the statutes of limitation never be reached before you are finally charged with any number of “high crimes and misdemeanors” you may be guilty of.

  2. Aggie you’re a better person than I –

    One Party Worms and treasonous toads need to be kept in historical perspective – he was only two heartbeats from the Presidency & he wholeheartedly help march us down the road to serfdom –

    the only glass i would lift for that scumbag would be his final draught of hemlock

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