It’s Food, Not Soylent Green

With deep apologies to our blogger friend, Soylent Green.

Some days, it doesn’t pay to get on social media. the amount LOLs is only surpassed by the amount of WTFs. And as is its custom, the Church of the Perpetually Offended consistently crosses both streams.

Now, I live in Texas. I grew up in very, very South Texas were Mexican food was a staple, not a delicacy like up in Yankee areas. I remember kids almost rioting one day in school because Enchilada Day (usually on a Thursday) was replaced by Salisbury Steak.

We almost overthrew the school over cheese enchiladas, people.

In other words, Mexican food is no joke. It is LIFE. Some of y’all may not care for it, and that’s ok. But since when is celebrating ethnic food offensive?? The term itself, Maximum Mexican, celebrates not just the cuisine, but also the people of that country. I don’t know how many students were involved or if they were Hispanic or not. But how big of a fucking pussy do you have to be to take offense at this? Bigger question: WHY WOULD YOU THINK YOUR OPINION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REST OF THE STUDENT BODY’S? To put in perspective you perpetually offended assboils can understand: you have informed the entire world that you are unable to handle your feelings and must therefore deed that job to the rest of us. Well, I got news for you:


But guess what? IΒ DO have a right to refuse to cater to your fucking feelings if they intrude onΒ MY rights. So in short, fuck you and your perpetual offense. Quit wasting your time in whatever “Studies” major you’re in and try living in the real world, where people don’t give a flying fuck about your feelings.

Better yet, come down to Texas and try to pull that stunt. Hispanic or not, you will be lucky to leave here with only ridicule heaped upon your worthless carcass, as you leave our state with your feelings between your legs.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. They may have the right to be offended, but I have the right not to give a damn.

  2. Remembering what passed for “Salisbury Steak” in our high school cafeteria…..yeah, even if I didn’t care for enchiladas (and btw, I love em), I would have been rioting too!!

    Can we create an event of such magnitude as to cause those of thin-skin, PC enslavement/mentality, and faux devotion to “diversity” (or just diversity lovers in general) to have a collective case of the “permanent vapours”, and be done with them once and for all?

  3. The next person who says in a self-centered way that they are offended (as in personally, not their sensibilities or their intelligence) is going to get an atomic wedgie. They will be able to floss with their own elastic waistband.

  4. Quit beating around the bush Aggie. Tell us in plain english how you feel.

    See what I did there?

  5. So does this mean I can get mad at the Olive Garden for appropriating my culture’s food?
    And making it crappy?

    I still say next Ramadan we have an all you can eat pork BBQ every day starting at sunrise and ending at sunset.

    Celebrate Diversity!

  6. Well I’m offended that the people who were offended by mexican food night ate breathing the same air as me.

    So that I’m not offended by that the need to put a heavy duty plastic bag over their head and secure it with duct tape.

  7. See all the trendies want Mike J. Fox to throw out first pitch of the World Series for a trendy “Back to the Future” shtick. You’d need catchers on every side of the mound with shaky boy throwing.

    And the pitch ever come? Shakes would always be shaking off the catchers! :mrgreen:

  8. At some point, hookers & booze chat has to go back online.

    Currently, I’m reduced to destroying 4chan out of sheer boredom. And that’s a bad place , but it cant keep up. I need worse surroundings, with more nefarious characters.

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