From One Peace to a Million Pieces

I guess my age is finally making me bitter. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to look at the glass and say it’s half full. But lately I am getting pretty irritated waiting for the waiter to refill it.

I attended my daughter’s open house at school a few weeks ago, to meet her teachers and to scope out the classroom propaganda. Really, that’s why I go. You learn a lot from the paraphernalia teachers display in their classrooms. Most of the time I am not surprised at what I find. Besides the usual “Books Bring You the World” and “Go Team Go!!” stuff, most is germane to the class. I seldom worry about teachers that have had plenty of classroom, and parental, experience. But the new teachers are another story.

This year’s winner of Aggie’s Apparatchik Award™ goes to my daughter’s English teacher. He tends to…… change the rules in the middle of the game. I write this as my daughter is upstairs redoing her essay because he changed his mind on the requirements, even after she had physical proof of his previous requirements via voice memo. But she will not be beaten. Anyway, at the open house the glaring item in his classroom was not any quotation, or pictures of literary giants. One item stood out like a nuke among the daisies:


Yes, a big flag with a similar picture on it. Turns out the school has a Peace Club. I sat there and let him babble on about his expectations and all I could think was how absolutely worthless the whole thing is. It’s a noble thing, wanting world peace. But it is unattainable. The only way to achieve it is individually, each person seeking it on his or her own terms, and not forcing it on others. What peace means to me is definitely not what peace means to ArmedGeek. And I can damn well guarantee our version of peace isn’t Islam’s version of peace.

Hubby brought up the idea of “One Voice” not long ago. It’s a similar concept: all the people of the world living under one voice, one idea, one peace. His question to those who wish to live under “One of Every Platitude”: Whose voice??

And this is what I mean when I say it’s an impossibility: no one will ever agree on the Voice (unless Blake Shelton is involved, and maybe not even then). And no one will ever agree on what “peace” means, either. All cultures define peace differently, so how can anyone expect one to rise over the others as being absolute? And how would agreement or consensus be reached? And at what expense?

Peace is a worthless platitude used to bend people to the will of a few. Every time I see the dove used as a peace symbol, I am reminded of its history, and I am sickened by it. So count me out. My version of peace is grounded in reality.



The odds are ever in my favor.

LC Aggie Sith


    • Third time he did it, which is why she got it on voice memo. Not that it mattered.

  1. One voice? Reminds me of the “Firefly” tv show universe…

    Peace? Peace means leave me alone…

  2. My kids school got a new principal, the old one was the rock of that school and they moved her to a school an hour drive from her house. The new one is in a committed “relationship” with her life partner. I don’t care what she does in her own home but to explain to grade 1 and 2 kids that she’s a lesbian is way too much.

    Plus I’ve complained about the sort of questions she has been asking the kids in health class.

  3. Words of wisdom, Aggie. Words of wisdom.

    This is the kinda crap why people homeschool.

  4. One of my favorite musical groups is YES. They have a song (in the past decade or so, they’re pretty old) that begins, “One voice. . . .”
    And they have another that talk about “Nine voices.”.
    I really like the music of YES.
    Their politics, or how what they sing about works out in real life?
    Not so much.

  5. Changing requirements on an assignment? I had that happen regularly during my high school days in the dark ages. It has always sucked when the teacher gets a last minute brainwave.

    Peace through superior firepower raises an interesting paradox: You need superior firepower in order to keep your enemies at bay with the threat of total destruction. Superior firepower also increases the holder’s will to just go take what you want from others because you have superior firepower. The thinking is that there is no one who can stop you from imposing your will so you can do as you want. History has more than enough examples of this thinking. It depends upon your leadership and the interests backing it as to what will happen. Sometimes that action can have unintended consequences.

    I also agree that my definition of peace is not the same as everyone else’s, and for every 100 people, there are 100 definitions of peace. The question becomes whos definition is the right one?

  6. I believe there is a Buddhist or Taoist saying, that is something like:
    “What would world peace look like? Two drunks fighting in an alley.”
    Human nature being what it is, world peace is not possible.

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