It has been a long week already. Yes, I realize it’s Monday. But honestly, I am starting to feel and look like the Thanksgiving turkey: fed up and DONE.

(No, not that plump. Yet.)

I don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to prioritize the bigger picture around us. The myopia gets worse with each younger generation, almost as if they have been trained to only look at the world in the lens of how it affects them directly (which I’m pretty sure is the truth but I’m giving room for benefit of the doubt). Take the happenings at Yale last week. Students were in an uproar because an administrator was more interested in protecting free speech than in protecting their safe spaces. According to a whiny gal, it is the job of the administrators to provide a home:

It is not about creating an intellectual space! It is not! Do you understand that? It’s about creating a home here! You are not doing that.

Forget learning! We need to be coddled!!! And if you think this is isolated, think again. University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned today after students pressured him to first apologize and then resign over his lack of speed concerning the investigations into several racially-motivated incidents. Said incidents are still under investigation but the students prefer a rush to action because RAYCISSS. And to show just how tolerant and open the students are, they managed to block the media from doing their (usually mediocre) job. Football players were planning to “strike” if the president did not resign, which tells me that the bottom line is made from dollar signs. And all I have to ask the student body of Mizzou is, now what? They have no answer at all.

And why am I writing about petulant, self-absorbed children who believe college is their new daycare? Because while they were busy yelling to have their feelings protected, two American trainers were shot dead by a Jordanian police officer in Amman. Sweden is now telling its Jewish population they are not invited to the Holocaust remembrance because the state can no longer guarantee their safety. Palestinians are attempting to kill as many Israelis as they can by any means necessary.

Oh, and Teh Prez haz a Facebook. And in the midst of the news about the Resident Egoist FINALLY getting a Facebook account, no one remembered that Organizing for America ran one for him this whole time. Serioulsy, do y’all honestly think he is just now getting around to Facebook?? I thought not.

And these are the priorities of our progeny:

Out: Freedom of Speech.

In: Right to a Safe Space.

Out: Due Process.

In: Nouveau Lynchings.

Out: Protecting Liberty.

In: Run Away.

Out: Statesmanship.

In: Hashtag Diplomacy and Selfies.

And people wonder why they laugh at us while they set fire to the rest of the world.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. For the Mizzou protesters, it was all about me Me ME!. A student went on a hunger strike (a “problem” that solves itself), saying he would not eat until the president resigned. He wasn’t interested in improving race relations, he wanted the ouster of the university president. So now the president resigned. Have race relations improved? It doesn’t matter, it was never about race relations. The university president can not stop people in passing cars from shouting racial epithets. What was achieved was the removal of a man who was neither responsible for nor capable of righting whatever wrong the original protester was complaining about. But hey, the snowflake was Successful!

  2. Special deal:
    “Parents! Worried that your children are growing-up too fast, and that you are going to lose them?
    Send them to Missou! For just $50,000/year, we will turn them into immature screaming, whining babies, unfit for any employment.
    You can then have your little babies back!
    Slots are limited. Sign your child up today!!!

  3. It’s stories like these that really wear me down. I look very carefully at resumes that cross my desk; when and where did they go to school and what degree do they have. Those help me narrow down the canidates because I will not bring one of these toxic babies into my business even for an interview. I had a mother call me and accuse me of racism for not hiring her snowflake for the job. I had to explain it wasn’t his race that was the issue but the fact he showed up 45 minutes late, still drunk in clothes that smelled and looked like his previous night of drinking had ended with him vomitting on himself and loosing bladder control before passing out in a gutter somewhere.
    She argued that I was discriminating againat her snowflake by holding his social life against him. That was back in 2000 or 2001, so 15 years ago…. and it hasn’t gotten better.

    The good news is these idiots are into over sharing. So we look on line at all there social media and if they have a blog or are in a search engine…. and that helps with the weeding out of snowflakes.

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