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They chose it.

Seems like each day a new crop of whiners rises up from the cesspool of academia to demand more crap. This week’s winners of the “I Want It My Way” achievement unlocked series is none other than UNC-Chapel Hill. “Black Lives Matter” members decided to infiltrate (I can’t think of a better word, honestly) what was supposed to be a townhall meeting to address grievances from all students, emphasis on “all”. Instead of awaiting their turn, they took over the meeting to air their list of demands. And they did not disappoint.

A mandatory class for everyone, including staff and administrators, about the “historical racial violence of this University and town …”

Careful what you wish for. If you want to “teach” everyone about “historical racial violence”, you are going to have to bring back the Rebel flag. Kind of a Catch-22, isn’t it?

Abolishment of all standardized testing and its use in college admissions.

Sure, let’s go down this road. After all, merit should be the standard, right?

Complete dismantling of “athletics industrial complex” and “exploitation of Black men,” effectively ending the men’s basketball and football programs.

What good has the men’s programs at UNC ever done for people like Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Vince Carter, Dan Cortese, or Rasheed Wallace? And with the dismantling of the men’s programs, you have to dismantle the women’s programs, too. Don’t forget that pesky Title IX. Oh, and wave all that delicious alumni money buh-bye.

That “University cafeterias, gym memberships, libraries, and class registration be free to all residents of North Carolina regardless of admittance into the institution.”


A $25 an hour minimum wage for all Chapel Hill workers, and full benefits for full, part-time, and contracted employees, and similar wages for UNC administrators.

And of course, this:

The elimination of all tuition and fees, as well as full financial aid for illegal immigrants.

And…. pay for this how? Never explained. They just want it, and you are racist for not paying for it.

The abolishment of police, both on campus and off, and the implementation of “transformative justice practices.”

Is this their way of saying they wish to take laws into their own hands? Because I can’t imagine this ever going wrong. Ever.

Cancellation of UNC’s contract with Aramark, the food service provider, because the company is allegedly “deeply invested in the expansion of the prison industrial complex” that’s “criminalizing and caging working class Black people.”

All this time it’s the PRISONS that are criminalizing people. I have no idea how a prison actually goes after a “working class Black” person to cage, though.

And the most damning of all:

Restricted space on campus for black students to meet.

Most of the demands are downright hilarious, but not this one. Years…. DECADES we spent establishing Civil Rights to all and it comes to this crap? Those students might as well spit on the graves of Thurgood Marshall, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King, Jr. You want to self-segregate? Fine, you have every right to do so. But you have NO RIGHT to demand a compulsory segregation solely because you feel superior to the rest. And that what this is. You are demanding that the rest of us acknowledge your superiority because you think you are owed something. You don’t want to face the unfortunate fact that others don’t think you are owed. You don’t want to face how whiny and selfish and egoistic you are. And believe me, by your actions you are judged.

In case y’all think they are just bloviating, this is how they close their manifesto:

“Gone are the days where we ask for what is past due to us: we are here to take what is ours.

“Tear it down, or we shut you down.”

The only thing that’s rightfully yours, is your failure. Take it, wallow in it, and by all that is fit, learn from it. You are a blight on History, even as you so callously try to erase it.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. I’m of the opinion that any post secondary institute that caves to any of their demands should be shut down for advanci g the leftist cause.

  2. Why don’t they just transfer out of the university/college and go elsewhere? Nobody is making them stay there. next thing is that there will be A+ s for anyone registered. No classes and no exams. Everyone gets a free pass. This isn’t just leftist stupidity, this is just plain stupidity. Lots of stupid to go around for everyone, not just the lefties.

  3. “The elimination of all tuition and fees, and full financial aid for illegal immigrants ”
    What kind of idiot comes up with stuff like this?
    I think they should go straight to the trying to take what they believe is theirs, so they could enjoy first hand the services of Aramark, and contribute to the expansion of the “Prison Industrial Complex “

  4. Funny how that goes, these are suppose to be institutions of “Higher Learning!!! Some 52 years ago now I graduated High School by the skin of my teeth but I “Graduated!!” I went to the local College in the fall and had to take the “Placement Standardized Test for Math and English!!!!” I qualified for “English 101 and Math 121 Standard first semester courses. If ya’ missed the “Cutoff” you got to go into the remedial ,”That’s Remedial not Medieval” English and Math for (NO CREDIT!!!!!!)
    We have these crybabies wanting to dispose of Standardized Testing among other things??? I mean, really, “Can They Even Write Their Own Name without signing an “X,”….. like really!!
    I am no Math whiz, but I do keep my Checkbook “Balanced!!!!!” As for surviving English 101, after writing an essay, the prof. would read it, give it a “Content Score” then start dive into it with the grammatical cuts!! “Cuts?” hell, most of my profs. used a double bit ax!!! You got a -25 points for a “Comma splice or sentence fragment!!!!!” If you got a 80 on your content, just one of those “Gigs” would kill you!!! That’s OK, if you “Flunked Out” ….What’s That?? Do they still Flunk out Students for Failure to maintain an Academic Standard?? Well I guesssnot!! Yes, that is “Guessnot” …like blowing your nose!! Too Bad the 1960’s are far behind us……otherwise all these crybabies would have “Flunked Out” (back then you needed a 94 for an “A” and a 65 was Failure!!)and either got “Drafted”, beat the draft and “Enlisted” in the Military (IF THEY COULD READ AND WRITE GOOD ENOUGH TO PASS THE PLACEMENT TEST!!) or escaped to Canada!!! Sheeeeeesh!!!!
    Enough of my rant!!! At least “I” wrote this!!!!!
    There is something about “Knowledge!!” As an old East Texas Skydiver I usedta’ know once said when someone would do a royal screw up at teh Drop Zone, he’d walk up to the offender and in his East Texas Drawl would say, among other things,”Knowledge is Power…..You Dumb A&&!!!!!!”
    Got Gunz………OUTLAW!!!!!,

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