Hooker(s) of the Week, John Derek Edition

Ah, John Derek. He of the gorgeous blue eyes and a killer smile even before the advent of caps. Best known for his portrayal of Joshua in The Ten Commandments, he also did his fair bit of westerns and action films. But he was best know for his wives.

Who can forget the sultry Ursula Andress?

ursula andress2

People forget Sean Connery was in that movie, too. But then John got tired of Ursula, and replaced her with 80’s icon Linda Evans.

linda evans

She wowed men with her beauty and women with her fashion sense, not to mention the catfight with Joan Collins on Dynasty. But she wasn’t *exactly* what John was looking for, either. But then John met Bo, and he was very, very happy.

bo derek wet shirt

Maybe it’s me, but they all look like the same model 😉

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Yup they’re all the same, especially Bo, because Nipples!!!
    Poor John Derek. Would it be that we all had to suffer so…

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