A Brief Lesson in Humility

I am not the best Christian. I am flawed and know that I sin. Still, I am humble enough to recognize that in me, and strive to seek to be a better person in faith. I remember taking Hubby to a local church back home when we were dating. The guest preacher at the Baptist church was a bit too fire and brimstone for my taste, and his lack of humility was cemented when he declared that God was welcome in our church.

I believe the words, “No, jackass, THIS is God’s house and WE are welcome in it,” were uttered by Hubby.

Yesterday’s terror attack (yes, I do call it that because that’s what it was) in San Bernardino, CA, has brought out the usual rush to judgment by the media. I won’t go on with the obvious “NRA RWNJ” outrage which they had to swallow like cyanide when told the culprits were Islamic and had planned this attack. When their narrative was destroyed, they resorted to attacking those who were still reeling from the shock and horror.

daily news god isnt fixing this cover

That’s the cover of the NY Daily News this morning. Notice the words in red. Yes, they were innocent Americans. In that I do agree. And some Congressmen do hide behind government’s skirts periodically. But these jokers at this joke-of-a-paper seem to forget that these Congressmen represent their constituents. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But one thing I’m pretty sure they know is that the Second Amendment is pretty fucking exceptional and pretty fucking respected, and pretty sure a Civil War would fucking break out if it were fucking circumvented. And if it were so damn outdated, as I am sure these dickwrinkles assume it is, why hasn’t the Prez used his fucking pen to do something about it? Answer that, jerkwads.

All that aside, deriding prayer as “meaningless platitudes”?? You have just insulted the majority of the people in this country. I have atheist friends who are grateful when I pray for them. They recognize prayer as not only a powerful tool for the believer, but also as a comfort. And these pricks think it’s meaningless?? May they never, ever confront a dire situation, because I am pretty sure they will be praying for help to come quickly.

But for me, the headline is what pisses me off the most.


And this is what they don’t understand. GOD doesn’t have to fix shit. It’s not His job. This is why he gave us Free Will, you fuckknots. You want something “fixed”? You do it yourself. We pray for guidance, for comfort, for strength. To assume we pray for God to fix anything is not just stupid and ignorant, but also petty. And speaking of fixing, if you want this problem fixed, I suggest you start with mental health reforms and border controls. We can learn a lot from Israel in that regard. Guns are not the problem, assboils. Those who are pulling the trigger are.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Exactly, Aggie. The notion that God somehow is purely at our beck and call to do things for us is disturbing. Our earnest prayers can be efficacious if it is His will, but He is not OUR magic genii. We went from being servants of God in the OT to children of God in the NT.

    Your hubby was spot on.

  2. “efficacious”?

    how erudite for a blog sporting such new and improved profanities.

    and here I am being persnickety.

  3. Well said Aggie and good on your Hubby. Maybe we’re watching God fix things. The “assboils” might do well to read the first 4 or 5 chapters of Daniel and see how and through whom God fixed the Hebrew nation taking notice of what both Nebuchadnezzar and Darius decreed.

    Well, neither is their “god” Obama.
    He would rather disarm Americans in the face of the Jihads than admit that the problem is ISLAM.
    Yes, GOD gave us free will. If we choose, foolishly, to admit these heathens into our society, we will reap what we sow, as has been demonstrated, and will be again, and again.
    So it goes…

  5. The daily news doesn’t want crazy people institutionalized , if that happened a good 60+% of their readers would be unable to read that rag anymore.

  6. It always annoys me when people who don’t believe in God tell others what He would want or should do.

    A stylistic note, not enough cussin’, too much big-word-usin’.

    Oh, and there’s a pic at DPUD for Aggie from a blogger ya’all (allay’all?) would like.

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