1. Nice classic style, and Remington has a good reputation. As Col. Cooper said, all it needs is a manageable trigger and good sights (I’m partial to 10-8 nat’l match). A local gunsmith should be able to do both for you inexpensively. That gun should be able to put a 8 rds into 4″ at 20 yds, so there isn’t much more to do but practice, and have it with you! Great buy – best of luck!

  2. i was a bit too laconic – what i meant to say was:

    Damn Nice!
    John Browning was a genius, the .45 is a good in close round, and Remington has always been a solid manufacturer.

  3. Gander Mountain has them on sale? Phhhfffttt. I think you mean Obama has them on sale.
    (BTW- that’s the cleanest keyboard I ever seen.)

  4. You just don’t see beauty like those classic IBM clackity keyboards these days.

    • Its a unicomp keyboard. It is an exact (nearly, its USB) clone of the IBM Model M keyboard. The company that makes them has a license from IBM for the patent. It is an actual buckling spring keyboard. I love it. I have two. One at home and one at work.

  5. Hi LC,
    ‘Love it!!! I have a Springfield Armory 1911-A1 (Mil-Spec) the real McCoy, looks just like the one John Wayne carried in those WWII movies!! No trick sh!t or coolie sights , just 1911!!! ‘BTW, named mine, “John Wayne!!!”
    Got 1911-A!……OUTLAW!!!!!,
    PS, LC eh?? I often thought that if I ever married a Catholic girl, my first son would be named “L.C.” just to pissoff the priest when he baptized him!!!! The L.C. would stand for Luther Calvin!!!

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