Well, 2016 is Starting Off With a Bang

Especially in North Korea.

Well, maybe. According to Norks, they managed to test a hydrogen bomb yesterday, but the international community is doubtful as is our administration. This is North Korea we are talking about, after all. They are given to lying about everything. Then again, they have been rather eager to bomb the hell out of something.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is cutting diplomatic ties with Iran after Iran decided to torch their embassy in Tehran (shades of ’79) in response to Saudis executing a cleric. So in the blue corner we have a so-called ally who hates us about to go 12 rounds with an enemy in the red corner who hates us AND has nuclear capabilities. Good thing I hate hummus and can sit back with popcorn and bourbon.

And if that were not enough explodey for y’all, we had a Blackhawk Down situation in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Extraction was successful, but a team remains in place to protect the downed helicopter. I don’t see how this could possibly have happened, seeing as our Prez declared the wars have been ended. But it did.

Of all the tense scenarios going on, the one catching Sauron’s attention is the Middle East. Lines, real ones, are being drawn while this administration chooses the next item on the Legacy Agenda while wiping copious tears on live TV. Let’s face it: Prez is more interested in smoke and mirrors than smoking craters. I wish he would go back to the golf course and stay there until January, 2017.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. As of today it is looking like 14 cities in 5 EU countries had bands of refugees raping and attackibg women on new years eve. Reading the bits the media allows out it looks like the attacks used similar MO’s and whete semi co-ordinated. All the attackers were muslim men and most were “refugees”.

    So now Obama and Turdeau are both talking about doubling the number of syrian rapists they import in 2016 to the US and Canada.

      • I’m saddened my fellow Canadians voted in a halfwit based on his saying he would legalize pot. His father was a communist wannabe and did more to destroy the economy then any other PM ever. His mother was a spoiled brat who can’t keep her legs closed. This trust fund brat was held two jobs in 42 years and neither lasted over 2 weeks.

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