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Notice something different? That’s right. It was suggested by some followers on Twitter that I cater to the more manly drinks, so as to provide some balance. Far be it for me to deny the gents libations. They are the audience to which I cater, after all.

This week’s offering was a previous entry in the last incarnation of the site. However, since it went buh-bye, I don’t mind reposting it.



  • ¾ oz. sweet vermouth
  • 2½ oz. bourbon
  • dash of angostura bitters
  • maraschino cherry and twist of orange peel, for garnishing

Place the cherry in a rocks glass with ice. Pour the vermouth and bourbon. Add the dash of bitters, and stir gently to avoid clouding the drink. Take the orange peel and rub the edge on the rim of the glass, then twist the peel over the drink to release the oils, then discard.

All you need now is a nice, comfortable leather chair and your slippers, and you can relax 😉

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Yeah, okay. Reposts of manly drinks are good, but the hookers would be better…………………….

  2. My stepfather’s uncle lived to be 99 drinking Manhattans.
    Uncle Walt was awesome, laughing and enjoying life the day he died.
    His doctor tried to get him to stop drinking them when he was about 95.
    You know, cuz it might keep him from living to an old age.

  3. That’s been my family’s drink for generations, although a little simpler. 2 bourbon, 1 vermouth, 1 water, on ice, with a cherry.

    As I like to call it, the socially acceptable way to order whiskey.

  4. Manly Drink….A Good one….You say, requires a comfortable leather chair and slippers….and perhaps a fire in a fireplace….nuff said…..
    Reminds me of one I concocked many years ago…… The comfortable leather chair, slippers and fiire would fit nicely here too….
    requires a “Espresso machine” for starters…..
    Make up a batch of “Espresso coffee” and get a 12oz. beer mg and put in it a shot of coffee liquor of your choice, a shot of Irish Cream, a shot of Dark Rum and a shot of Amaratto or the like (eg Pecan Liquor) you can add a dash of cream if you wish and a dash of cinnamon. when the steam comes up on the espresso, twist the knob and froth up all that good stuff!!!! Pour the whole carafe of espresso in the mug!! You can ad a dolop of Cool whip and some cinnamon if you wish!! You may mod the mix to your taste but yu have the “Idea!!!!” ….On a “COLD MORNING!!!” what a way to start your day instead of some hum drum cup of coffee!!
    Got ESPRESSO …..OUTLAW!!!!,

  5. My 94 yr old father in law got me onto these a generation ago. He’s survived the Red Army, Hungarian AVO, Hungarian wife & daughters, and three heart attacks. I think they work.

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