A Story of a Hero

I was given a heads up last week aboutĀ this story of a young boy in Afghanistan.

walid afghan

That’s Wasil Ahmad, a ten year old boy from Uruzgan province in Afghanistan. His uncle is a former Taliban commander who switched allegiance and became a local police commander. His father was killed fighting against the Taliban, and his uncle was wounded in an attack. So he did the unthinkable: took up arms and led his uncle’s men for 44 days while his uncle recovered, successfully fending off Taliban forces. A ten year old did what many men in the country either couldn’t, or wouldn’t. He fought against tyranny in honor of his father. Once his uncle recovered, he was back to living as normal a life as he can in that hell.

Until last week, when he was killed by Taliban while on his way to his fourth grade class.

To say I am moved by this story is putting it mildly. We often wonder what happened to the mettle that men and women had during times of war. Our military is brimming with men and women like this. But they are adults facing the worst we can imagine. This was a ten year old boy who found that courage deep within, and brought it forth in the face of death and destruction. And his death only underscores the inhumanity that drives Islamic terror.

There was a time when tolerance was an option. Many of us said, “Live and let live”. But the harsh reality is that terrorists don’t want to let us live. They want us enslaved, or dead. These demons killed a child because he bested them, pushed them back and declared the battle a victory. There is nothing and no one Islamic terrorists will not destroy.

It is us, or them. They declared a holy war againstĀ everyone. They will not stop until the last infidel is dead. And it is not lightly that I say eradication is a viable option. So it is time to ask ourselves: do we have the strength of Wasil in us? Or will we keep excusing and reasoning, trying to win hearts and minds of those who have neither?

The time is coming when we will have to answer.

LC Aggie Sith

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