A Full Serving of Word Salad, With Stale Croutons on the Side

Some of y’all have been following the Republican primaries and been wondering why I have been rather silent on the matter. It is exhausting trying to keep up with the muckraking and the mudslinging and the stubby fingers.

However, there comes a time when I read something that just boggles and makes my eyes bleed.

In his own words: Donald Trump details amazing plans for his White House

I am not an orator, nor do I pretend to be articulate. I do make an effort to make myself understood and back up my opinion with facts. It is not much to ask that someone running for the highest office in our country do the same. I also expect the candidate to detail his platform step by step.

You know, we have a lot of folks in the Huntsville-Madison area, this whole area. Really thriving. You do know that, right? Really thriving. It’s doing well. And you know we’re going to keep that space program going, folks. Gotta keep it going. We’ll be doing a lot cutting. But when it comes to that, I have to tell you, we’re going to be keeping it going.

Just how will you do a lot of cutting but keep the space program going? Because you need manpower to actually, you know, keep a program going. And you need to pay that manpower, too. Unless you plan on launching Skynet.

So, I just want to tell you, we’re going to build that wall. It’s going to work. We’re going to have a strong border. People are going to come into our country. But they’re going to come in legally. Only legally.

Ok, how?? Even if we stop giving foreign aid to Mexico, the money would pay for maybe a few hundred miles, if that. How about enforcing our laws? Wouldn’t that be a good start? He never mentions that.

So we’ve had some interesting times together. You know, Time magazine a couple of weeks ago had a cover story that this is a movement. This isn’t me. I’m a messenger. This is really a movement. We’re gonna take our country back. We’re gonna run it smart.

In his defense, the title of  Messiah was taken. But no one has yet compared themselves to Joan of Arc, amirite? Once again, he makes a claim and doesn’t explain the plans. Just…..run it smart.

He blathers on and then gets his hackles up over Marco Rubio. He excoriates Vicente Fox for using the F word when speaking of “the wall”, but then turns around and calls Rubio names. Because civility. He goes on and on about Rubio, pretty much confirming how scared he is of Rubio’s popularity.

Now he wants to act like a big man, Oh, Trump’s a con man. I built an incredible business. I filed papers with the Federal Election that are so unbelievable and believe me if they weren’t unbelievable I wouldn’t be here right now and these guys would have never ever they could not believe how great a company I built.

I had no idea that four bankruptcies and 12 failed businesses made an incredible company. Maybe he was speaking of Trump University? Trump Taj Mahal?

I’m self-funding my campaign, folks. I don’t care. We’re gonna make the right decisions. I’m self-funding.

Yes, that’s why there is a “Donate” button on your campaign website.

He keeps rambling on and on, disjointed, skipping back to Rubio a few times, mulling over the GWOT, the YUGEness of the crowd, the hecklers he threw out, etc. But never, not once, does he explain how things will get done in a Trump administration, perhaps because that isn’t the plan. Honestly, Trump doesn’t seem to want the job, just like the current Prez. He just wants the fame and notoriety. That’s what he is used to in Life.


So welcome to Presidential Apprentice, the next spinoff of his so-called reality TV show. Pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of hemlock tea.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. “Donald” and “douchebag” both start with “D”.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  2. In fairness, if you look at the money it will cost to build the wall and look at the foreign aid we give mexico. The foreign aid would pay for the wall in 10 years.

    If you taxed the money illegals wire transfer back to mexico each year (50 billion) at 50% you would pay for the wall in 5 years. Combine those plans and its paid for in a 4 year term.

    I still think he’s not on the up and up but the math on the wall works.

    Landmines are even cheaper than a wall

  3. i’d like to see if he releases his school transcripts –
    back in the late ’80’s / early ’90’s i remember ppl telling stories of his academic failings –
    if he passed any classes (especially any writing classes) it was because of daddy’s cash –

    the guy is a dope (albeit a wealthy one) – i don’t get the attraction

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