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I love March. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and Lent is close to ending. But the best part of March, aside that whole “coming together to stab, in groups” thing, is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish, but I sure appreciate the culture and revelry and spirit of the Irish.

Except Notre Dame. They are dead to me.

Today’s Drink of the Week will slam you to the ground. Very appropriate, since I am sure a lot of people will be slammed to the ground physically while celebrating the holiday.


Irish Car Bomb

  • ¾ pint Guinness Stout™
  • 1 oz. shot Bailey’s™ Irish Cream

Simply drop the shot into the stout, boilermaker style, and chug it down. You do have to drink this quickly because the cream will curdle in the drink. Some prefer to do a half-and-half shot of Bailey’s and Jameson’s™, but this is simpler and less messy.

Believe me, you want to save the mess for the eventual bar fight 😉

LC Aggie Sith


  1. OH my oh my oh my.

    Can’t even have an occasional drink while on painkillers, which sucks mightily.

    Because this looks awesome.

  2. #Yum That reminds me, I found a recipe for an Irish Car Bomb cake a few years ago. I’m gonna have to dig that up

  3. A few years ago we had a guy come into the bar I moonlight in and bet me he could do 3 car bombs in 30 seconds. I didn’t know if he could but I was willing to pay for the drinks to see it. Dude did it in just over 15.

    I was quite impressed.

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