Gee Oh Pee is D E A D

Honestly, that didn’t hurt to type. It’s just the final acknowledgement of a once fine party dying off with a whimper. As the presumptive Republican candidate flounces to a victory in Indiana, we in Sanity Central can only watch for the coming fiddling fire. I don’t believe Conservatism is dead. I think it’s on hiatus, or hibernating. Years of being told what is good for us has led us down this path. We had a chance with the TEA Party elections in 2010, but those entrenched in the GOP Establishment didn’t take kindly to rubes coming into the Big Tent.

The Big Tent… my word, but what a myth that was. I say “was” because it was completely shattered in 2010. The RNC made sure to hinder several candidates in 2012, and steered the party towards a moderate. As always, the media chose its Republican darling early both in 2008 and 2012. Once they secured the Republican nomination, the media knives came out to destroy them. And this is another lesson not learned: the media is not a friend to conservatives. They elevate the Republican candidate that can be defeated in the general election, always. And if you think it is different this time, you are sadly deluded.

The presumptive Republican nominee is no conservative. He never has been. You may argue that businessmen give to both parties to cover all the bases, but DJT structured his contributions to benefit powerful Democrats in key elections.

He is fond of curtailing the speech of members of the military.

He has wooed people talking about deporting illegals back to their home countries, but has a plan to give legal status to those same illegals after temporary deportation.

He had pledged to eliminate the debt, but since flip-flopped on that pledge.

He wants to raise taxes on “the rich”.

He tells his followers what they wish to hear, because once he is secure in the nomination, he will behave in “a different way”.

He believes 9/11 was worse than the attack on Pearl Harbor, not because more people died, but because “great people” were killed.

He took money meant for rebuilding small businesses after 9/11 and used it for his downtown building, which was not damaged in the attack.

He wants to open libel laws to make it easier for him to sue news organizations.

This is what he is. He has conned his way into power, and those who support him excuse every action at every turn. He even admitted he would run as a Republican because it would be easier to do so (can you say Arlen Spector and Michael Bloomberg? I knew you could!). We have a liberal running on the Democratic ticket, and another liberal running on the Republican ticket. Anger and resentment has led us to this point.

Conservatives see the Constitution as a foundation. Liberals see the Constitution as a barrier. We had a chance to vote for conservatives who would adhere to the Constitution. But promises of a wall and paying the deficit and everything being Great Again sounded like sweet saccharin to the masses. I was taught to be wary of people who made grand promises, because they were difficult to keep. I thought this country learned that in 2008. Apparently I was wrong.


LC Aggie Sith


  1. Good article Aggie. At least there are a few of left in Sanity Central…

  2. I think at this point, all we can do is hope Trump does win (I hate saying that, but Hillary winning will be a little bit worse, I think) and does exactly what we know he will, go back on every single conservative principle he claims to hold at the moment. He will forever then be the face of the lying, scheming GOP and a new party can emerge. We just have to hope that Trump supporters aren’t SO entrenched that they will never, ever admit they were duped.

    • Scanning Twitter this AM, I can tell you a lot of supporters for Trump are very, very entrenched.

        • I know. I saw one tweet out that “we must welcome the Cruz supporters into the fold, pray for them, be kind and gentle”.

          Yesterday she was calling me a Cuck and a liar and told me to go to hell. Yea…no. Never EVER Trump πŸ˜‰

          • That’s because she obviously has zero actual principles. Just like Trump.

  3. I guess Nock was correct. We truly are the remnant. However, the thing to remember is the coming generation’s – my generation’s – overwhelmingly negative opinion of Trump and his style of big government authoritarianism. If we can hold on and hold this country together through four years of whoever actually wins this thing, future candidates will have to be far more libertarian and anti-statist in order to win.

    • They also must overcome the media hurdles to get the nomination. But yes, I am counting on your generation to repudiate this crap πŸ™‚

      • Part of the problem there is, half of my generation disapprove of him because they prefer a different type of big-government authoritarianism. Gotta start working on them and bringing them around…

    • The problem I see is your generation ISN’T opposed to big government authoritarianism. They just don’t want DT’s name on it. There is no future for conservatism. That died this year. The media have killed it with a shovel and buried it in the past. I don’t know where we are going, but I don’t really want to see it either.

  4. We have a choice this year: vote for a New York liberal, or stay home.


    • Oh, I will vote. Libertarian is looking mighty good right now, and only if I can’t write in πŸ˜‰

    • Yes. Yes you are. My wife may have some issues with this, but, I think I can work my way out of any trouble. Different types of cletes, after all…………

  5. Nope. They are dead to me, the GOP.

    They don’t even know well enough to just fall down.

  6. The GOPe doesn’t give a rat’s ass. They love them some big government and have shown us all they will do anything to keep the status quo…..even paying democrats to vote in two separate primaries.

  7. The GOP hasn’t been conservative for decades. Good riddance to them.

  8. It took a good, long while, but now everyone can see there is no real difference between the R’s and the D’s. It’s just two different groups who want the same thing. Now we need to form a new party.


    • So your solution to doing something different is to vote for a democrat? Perfect democrat logic.

      • “democrat logic”? NOT, and you miss the point…What do you call someone who does the same thing OVER AND OVER, expecting a different result? I CALL THEM CRAZY.

        • No, I didn’t miss the point. A vote for a democrat is a vote for a democrat even if he decided to call himself a republican. So, in order to not think you are crazy, you’re willing to vote for a liberal, who has contributed a whole bunch of money to liberals to get them into office. Circular, democrat logic.

          • I’m not voting for a liberal, Fred. I was done voting for liberals when I converted to conservatism. I am not going back on my principles just because the GOP has lost it’s mind.


      He is already reneging on his promises. They are now “suggestions”. I am more concerned with having a prez that adheres to the Constitution. I saw that in Ted Cruz. I don’t see it in Donald Trump. His stances on opening libel laws and raising taxes on the wealthy also are a big warning sign of his lack of conservative principles. I placed my bet on someone to save the country, and you placed it on someone to break it. Having paid attention to DJT since the early 80’s, I don’t have much hope for him “doing something different”.

      • You cannot reneg on a promise you don’t currently have the power to fulfill. If you really think someone could save the former USA then you are a bigger optimist than I. I have more hope in DJT doing something different than Cruz, whose wife is joined to Goldman Sachs at the hip.

        • You do realize Trump hired a former Goldman-Sachs financier as his advisor, right? He is now blessed with the support of Sheldon Adelson to the tune of millions for a “self-funded” campaign. The same Adelson that Trump excoriated for supporting Marco Rubio.

          He promised things, and is now saying he meant otherwise, and you excuse it. He garnered support based on those promises. And as a supporter it is your job to question everything he does now, not what he does after the election.

          • So what is your solution? Stay home and don’t vote? Vote for the (D)? We’re now going to Hell in a handbasket AT WARP SPEED, thanks to all the “principled conservatives” who did that during the last 2 elections (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!).

          • There are more than two choices. Remember that.

          • There are only 2 choices that will garner enough votes for the White House. I’m trying to have my vote count, not piss it away.

          • That is your choice. I stand with my principles. That is mine.

          • “There are only 2 choices that will garner enough votes for the White House.”


        • What the actual fuck goes on in your head, Fred? Pay attention. He’s been promising YUGE walls and YUGE tax breaks and YUGE action on illegal immigration – but just as quickly comes out and says “these are only suggestions.” IOW, he’s writing checks he can’t – and has no intent on – cashing. Just to suck the gullible and duplicitous like you into the fold. Empty words from a squirrel-headed Cheeto: “Make America Great Again” well guess what? America is ALREADY great, it’s lying politicians who
          promise one thing and then turn around and fuck you that are the problem. Trump is one of them, and he doesn’t even have the honesty to run as the NY Liberal Democrat that he is. But people like you listen to the stupid that he speaks, and you’re all agog and swoon over the imaginary works that he’s promising.

          Quit being politically stupid, it looks bad on you.

          • And you think Cruz would have been different? Who’s the real squirrel-headed Cheeto?

          • Speaking for myself, yes. I do think Cruz would have been better. I also think Rubio and Walker would have been better.

            Having been a liberal myself, I can recognize when one has a conversion to conservatism grounded in clarity, and one one simply adopts it as a mantle for expediency.

          • Yeah Fred, I do. And if you gave half the effort to actually learning something about the process as you do humping Teh Donald, you might as well.

            * Cruz is a Constitutionalist, not a populist.

            * Cruz argued in front of the Supreme Court, DerCheeto in front of his ‘apprentices.’

            * Cruz has been a Conservative Republican from the start, tRump just pretends to be while taking both sides of every position.

            * Cruz has never supported Liberal Democrats with huge donations and public support. The Squirrel has, and has called Hillary and Bill Clinton and other Liberal Democrats friends, and has for years. But don’t take my word for it, read this:


            I’m begging you: stop being a political moron. It should be embarrassing to you.

    • Essentially what I’m hearing in this is “Cruz is establishment.”

      Ask establishmentarians Boehner, Grahamnesty, McConnell, Peter King et al what they think of Cruz.

      Cruz would have been different. Cruz would have been conservative. Would he have been perfect? No. No politician ever is. But this is the guy who called McConnell a liar, and spent much of his time trying to get the Senate GOP to do what they were sent there to do: oppose Barry.

      So instead we get Donny Come Lately, who has split the party just as Democrats knew/hoped he would. We get a candidate who has as much baggage as she does -with a track record of supporting progressive candidates and progressive initiatives/policies. He’s been donating to/supporting progressives and their crap for decades, and he just started to shift his donations less than four years ago, and has been clamoring for a wall for no more than a year -and you’re going to trust him over a guy like Cruz? SMH.

      We are screwed no matter what. The best we can hope for is that Donny Come Lately’s “conversion” is true and he means what he says regarding illegal immigration, and DOESN’T mean what he says when it comes to taxing the rich, minimum wage, transgender bathroom follies, touchback amnesty and so on……… Oh, and also, that his baggage is less than Granny’s, and that he can actually beat her instead of throwing the election to her -which I have my suspicions about…….

      • “Cruz would have been different”, really? Don’t believe it, and obviously so don’t alot of others. At the least he is a poor communicator, or else he would have gotten more votes, no?

        • Poor communicator? Yes, exactly why Justice Scalia referred to Cruz’ amicus brief in his opinions. Exactly why Alan Dershowitz complimented Cruz’ knowledge in law. Exactly why he was such an effective Solicitor General for the state of Texas.

          Meanwhile, Trump is a great communicator, letting people know when some ladies are bleeding from their wherevers, making fun of a disabled journalist, and targeting the family members of other candidates because they deserve it.

          And as for the votes, some democrats crossed over to vote for him because they know HRC can beat him. I know two liberals who did this for this reason.

          You will not change minds here. And we will not change yours. But I do hope that you take the time to learn more about your candidate.

          • They “know” HRC can beat him like you “know” Cruz would have adhered to the Constitution…

          • Ah, but I do know. Track record speaks for itself.

          • Exactly. That’s the truth. It’s interesting how you can’t actually defend your candidate, you can only argue against other candidates and their supporters. Reminds me of Obama supporters. They have nothing to defend their guy, so they change the subject.

        • Give us concrete SPECIFIC examples of how he wouldn’t be different. Cite his positions on ANY position, Fred. He’s been Conservative all the way down the line.

        • Cruz would have been different, because HE HAS BEEN DIFFERENT from the moment he got to the Senate. Whereas others have frequently talked a conservative game and then over-compromised with Dems once getting into the Senate, Cruz from day one has been trying to get the GOP caucus to do what their voters want and kneecap Barry wherever and whenever possible. You can argue about the wiseness of these actions at times, but you can’t say that Cruz is a GOPe squish who agrees with Barry ~90% of the time. He doesn’t

          Donny Come Lately? Well, his record is not nearly as conservative. Up until 2011-2012, it was pretty liberal. He used to praise single payer systems constantly back in the late 90s early 2000s. More recently, he’s been quiet about it and healthcare in general, other than criticizing the inefficiency of Obamacare. True, he doesn’t say now he’s in favor of single payer; he just doesn’t say anything about it at all, again except to attack the competency of Obamacare. This suggests he either doesn’t know what he wants now, or he knows he can’t adequately defend what he said years ago to conservatives now, so he keeps his mouth shut and hopes no one brings it up.

          It would be one thing if Donny were upfront and honest about it and said things like, “Look, I used to be in favor of single payer-type systems, but I realize the problems with them are too great, and they are too expensive, so I’ve abandoned that position in favor of solutions that are more free market oriented and less government-centric. But he doesn’t say that. He just keeps quiet. So, with his track record and his recent silence on the matter, coupled with Cruz from day one being an opponent of Obamacare AND single-payer systems, I believe Cruz more than I ever would trust Donny Come Lately.

  10. I also gotta wonder where you’all were the last two elections? Trump is not conservative enough for you but McCain and Romney were? If the only thing he does is close the borders and stops the flood of illegal immigration he will have been more “conservative” than all the posers in Congress and pretenders to the White house.

    • No, neither McCain nor Romney were conservative enough for me, but I held my nose and voted for them. I am done holding my nose and voting and I did not convert to conservatism to vote for a liberal, which is exactly what Trump is.


        • Did you read the articles I linked? The title of this post?

          If you are voting for Trump, you are in effect still voting GOP. He is the GOP candidate. If the Republican party left you, then why vote for its candidate?

          • I don’t think he’s quite put that together yet, Aggie. Some children learn at a slower pace apparently.

          • But you would have voted for Cruz if he got the nomination, no? The article laments how not enough people voted for Cruz, that Trump supporters are at the least ill-informed. I guess I am optimistic that he won’t be the whore all the professional politicians have been.

          • I know for a fact that Cruz would adhere to the Constitution.

            I don’t know that Trump will.

            Is that simple enough?

          • You cannot *know* what any other person will do. What you have is faith, which I do not.

          • Cruz has a considerable track record of adhering to the law.

            Trump has a considerable track record of trying to bend the law to his will.

            You have made your choice, and so did I.

          • I’ll not vote for Hillary or piss it away on someone who has no chance of winning, just to make a point. Last time you’all wanted to make a point and stand on principles, we got Barry. Twice. Thanks again. GIVE ME SOMEONE I CAN BELIEVE IN

          • Now you are being funny.

            Last time a lot of us voted for Romney and for McCain. A lot of us saw that it didn’t work. The Tea Party ushered in a lot of new hope, hope that was dashed by Establishment’s maneuverings. Rubio and Cruz were both Tea Party candidates and not part of the Establishment. But you are willing to vote for the guy who has paid for many, many Establishment pols.

            I’m done with the GOP. You aren’t. I get it. I stand with my principles. If you can’t understand that, fine. But don’t ever think that I am throwing my vote away.

            And remember: if not voting for Trump is a vote for Clinton, then not voting for Clinton is a vote for Trump. You’re welcome.

          • Yes I would have, Fred. Because unlike your badly-combed-over messiah, Cruz has a clue, and knows whereof he speaks. And has the gravitas to back it up.

        • GOPe seems to be getting behind Trump quite nicely these days. Welcome to the establishment.

          • This comment system really needs an upvote option…

    • You know how you said repeating the same action hoping for a different result is insanity?

      What makes you think we are doing it again? In fact, what makes you think we did it before? As for the borders, the laws are in place. And you may want to ask Mr. Trump about his hiring practices. Because if he ever meant what he says about hiring Americans, he would never have broken laws to hire illegals, nor sent his businesses to China and Mexico.

        • Never asked you to. Never, EVER trust a politician. You must always question and hold their feet to the fire. I do find it funny that you reply with this, when the subject is Trump’s duplicity.

        • No pol should be trusted. Regardless of party, regardless of platform. You make them perform as advertised.

          How are you going to do that with Trump – someone who openly and clearly speaks from both sides of his mouth before he’s even elected? Think about it, and get back to us.

          • At the least, DJT has gotten things done – Cruz couldn’t rally the Senate to block Barry or convince enough of the electorate that he was better than DJT or even genuine. DJT = “messiah”? No…

          • Winning an argument before SCOTUS is no small feat, and neither is enforcing the law. The fact that Cruz was so hated in the Senate should tell you that he is not Establishment. As for convincing the public, how’s the media working out for you? I’m sure you get all your facts about Trump from them.

            Besides declaring bankruptcy several times, failing at forcing eminent domain down a woman’s throat, failing at marketing steaks, water, vodka, and escorts, and casinos, what has Trump gotten done? Besides sending his factories to China and Mexico?

          • Okay Fred, what has Drumpf accomplished? How many marriages, how many bankruptcies?

            You’re only convincing yourself that Drumpf is capable of doing things to ‘make America great.’ He’s already proven to all of us with his open and unabashed support of liberals that is isn’t.

          • I notice you’re long on generalities and when cornered for specifics, you attempt to change the argument or move the goalposts.

            Just like Trump.

    • Cruz had a track record of adhering to the Constitution for starters. Just like Trump has a history of supporting progressive policies. And he broke the law by hiring illegals. You really think he is going to do something that would prevent him to keep doing that?

    • Actually as a matter of fact Romney was around 80% conservative, which although not quite conservative for me, is about 40%-60% more conservative than Trump is.

      Building a wall, which isn’t going to happen, especially with my tax dollars, solves nothing. It stems the flow slightly till they build a wall under it like they did on the California Mexico border.

      The only poser in this entire scenario is the Orange Man feeding you exactly what you want to hear so you come on to message boards like this and attempt to denigrate people into submission like he does.

      Let us know how that works.

        • So let me get this straight, just in case I’m not understanding: Two demonstrable GOP Establishment RINOs, Romney and McCain *were* conservative enough for you to vote for, yet an absolute Constitutional Conservative like Cruz *isn’t?* Is this what you’re saying?


          • Come on Fred. You still haven’t told us how and what Drumpf would do when elected, and how he would keep his promises and lead from a Conservative stance.

            Or are you at a loss for words? You sound convinced, almost slavishly so. Inspire us to join you.


          • Would y’all like me to open a new post so we can keep discussing this? Yes, asking you too, Fred πŸ™‚

  11. What has DJT done that was so massively awesome for our Republic that he deserves the faith that you Fred have in him? DJT is a Goldman Sachs Shareholder. Cruz argued for all of us against international courts who wanted a say on out 2A. Because of him, handguns are permitted in DC a court ruling idiots often cite but forget it was Ted Cruz who won it. A bad communicator cannot win 7 out of 9 Supreme Court cases. And why now? DJT wanted to be President many times. Why did he chose now? Where was he if he was better than Dole, Romney, or McCain? This man dodged the draft and still has not allocated funds to veterans that were donated but he deserves to be the highest ranking commander of our military. Really? Trump has sworn no oath to us Americans yet he want people to swear to him. Damn that. Yes, I check Trump. He didn’t do a damn thing when we needed him the most but wants loyalty now after knuckle dragging us? He didn’t earn my vote and doesn’t get it by default now. If you’re mad that I stayed home, oh well. Trump and his supporters didn’t have my back when I took arrows for “betraying” my race.

    • Don’t expect an answer from Fred, he doesn’t like providing specifics, just lashing out and then changing tack.

      Just like his candidate.

      • So weird how bullies and the bullies that love them go *poof* when asked to defend their positions with actual logical arguments and not name calling.

        • They’re going to be so disappointed when DerCheeto fucks them over…

          • No worries, they’ll make up some excuse for him. “He didn’t mean to.” “He’s promised to never do it again.” Stuff like that.

          • “The establishment won’t let him.”

        • I’m a name-calling bully? You might want to reread the posts… Dogpile on Fred, no?

          • You’ve posted nothing of substance, Fred.

            Not. One. Word.

          • I’m the admin here, and I believe in freedom to express yourself. That includes speech. I am not preventing anyone from calling names or using profanity. But be advised that no one is forcing you to stay here. If you don’t care for it, you are also free to leave.

          • Care to actually defend the guy you’re voting for instead of trying to change the subject?

  12. When was the last time you heard of a Democrat not voting (D) on principles? Feel superior if you want, but you’re the reason we’ve suffered 8 years if Barry

    • Still nothing to actually defend Trump, huh? Deflect! Deflect like the wind!

    • Zell Miller (D-GA).

      I don’t feel superior. I feel betrayed. GOP decided to throw away its principles for opportunism. There is a line and I won’t cross it.


      I put it in caps so you can understand the request.

      Your reasoning on why 0bama was elected is specious horseshit, just so you know. As is your reasoning that “if you don’t vote tRump you’re voting Hilary” idiocy. All it does is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have no concrete political ideology, no policy hook on which to hang your thimble-sized hat, and no argument except “VOTE TRUMP.”

      Go play in traffic, junior.

  13. I would have supported Cruz had he garnered the votes but he didn’t.

    • I actually don’t doubt it. You’re the lemming we thought for so long were only available in democratic flavors.

      You’re the idiot who votes for a straight party line. You can’t think critically. You ignore the down sides. You spout off talking points that I’m assuming you received from Breitbart. You throw out the few things you assume Trump will do, based solely on that thin line that he says he’s going to do it.

      Congrats on becoming the very thing you fear so much.

      • “An establishment hack.”

        I think those are the words you were leading him toward.

        • More fun to try and get them to admit it about themselves, but yes you’re correct.

    • So what you’re saying is, you would support whichever candidate is on the GOP ticket. That is exactly what gave us Romney and McCain. I won’t convince you to change your vote. You claim that those who voted for McCain or Romney gave us Obama. By your logic, those who support Trump will give us Clinton.

    • Attaboy. Resort to insults when you can’t provide intelligent recourse.


    • But it can be argued that past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.

  14. And you saying an argument is specious doesn’t make it so. You really believe 2 million + people abstaining to vote won’t make a difference?

    • They are abstaining because the candidate forced them away. If you’re looking to lay blame, or looking for a place to put your anger, look to the candidate, not the electorate.

      • Really? “Personal responsibility” except when it comes to voting, then “the candidate forced me away”?

        • I’m not personally responsible for voting for the guy that doesn’t represent me. I’m personally responsible to vote how I see fit.

    • So is ‘Rock Chalk’ but I’m not a KU alum.


  15. I still have to vote in my state primary. I’d love to say you’all convinced me to vote Cruz but your attitude is a big turn off.

      • In my state voting for true conservatives get you nowhere. Last time I tried that we got Chris Christy.

        • You thought Christie was a Conservative?

          Man, you are a neophyte.

          • There’s Fred’s trademark ‘win hearts and minds’ approach again.

      • It’s only sad that he tried to convince us that he was. He’d rather abandon his principles and vote Cheeto than stand fast and make the party earn his vote.

          • Works fine. I don’t waffle in my support, I vote my principles, and sleep soundly.

    • …says the guy that kicked this off with a caps locked rant. You’re funny.

    • There was no way we could convince you. You came here already set for Trump. Any argument we have against him you have discounted or ignored.

      And don’t forget: YOU came here. I didn’t drag you here against your will. You came to convince US.

    • You’d be a bald-faced liar because you came in here a tRumphumper, you’ve argued like a tRumphumper, and now you act all butthurt and threaten to vote for tRump like a tRumphumper.

      You’d sooner vote for Hillary than for Ted Cruz, and you’ve never entertained the first thought about voting for him. Be at least that honest and admit it.

          • I don’t have to defend him. Cruz didn’t have the votes. Why?

          • If you don’t have to defend the orange Man, why do we need to defend Cruz? Or for that matter defend our positions as to why we won’t cast a vote for Der Cheeto?

    • You mean like all of the Trump supporters hurling insults and violently assaulting dissenting voices at rallies? You do know what stones to to glass, right?

        • No, that’s Kasich. Stew is referring to people just like you that think they can cajole, threaten, intimidate and generally harass those that think tRump is a Democrat – which he is – in an attempt to get them to fall in line.

          Ain’t happening. We’re a lot smarter than the tRumphumpers. we’re not fooled by his recent ‘conversion’ to the Republican Party, and we will not be convinced to vote for a NY Liberal – from either party.

        • You do know Trump has taken money from Soros? Does that make you a hack bought by Soros?

          • Yea, you’all are so smart you’re not going to vote. Cruz may have the bona fides but he doesn’t have the votes.

          • Thanks for admitting that about Cruz.

            But please remember: No one here said they were not going to vote.

          • That makes me nothing – I get to vote in my primary 6/7 and my only choice at this point is Trump.

          • If Cruz is on your ballot – which he should be as he’s only suspended his campaign, not ended it – will you vote for him over Drumpf?

  16. None of you know anything about me save what I posted here and many acted like dicks. To those who respectfully tried to convince me, thank you. To those who didn’t….

    • Well, when you come to someone’s house and show your ass, don’t be surprised when it gets handed to you.

  17. If to convince you, you mean not abstain, then yes. Thanks for Hillary 2016.

    • Like I said, if I don’t vote for Clinton, then that’s a vote for Trump.

      I was told by Trump that he didn’t need the “Never Trump” votes to win. I was told the same by Reince Priebus. If they don’t need this vote, why are they pushing for the “Never Trump” people to get in line? I have been honest and forthright with you since I approved your comment. I have explained where I stand. My vote belongs to me, not to anyone else, and I will give it to the one who earns it. Anyone telling me to vote Trump or else Clinton wins is deliberately pushing a lie because the reverse is also true. I hope primary day in your state is nice and that you feel good about voting. It is a privilege that most people take seriously. But if you’re intent is to scare us into voting for the lesser evil, then no. I won’t vote for any evil. Ever.

      • If you’re not scared of a Hillary presidency than I don’t know what to tell you…

        • And the inverse would only be true if there were “principled” democrats not voting. There are none, no matter how much you’all scream at me…

          • You seem to imply a difference qualitatively between Hillary, Trump, or for that matter Sanders. I see no such difference. Saying that my not voting for one is a vote for the other, makes no impression if there is no difference between them.

    • Thank the GOP and the Republican National Committee, and their insane notion of open primaries that allow Liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP selection process thus allowing them to have a hand in determining who this party’s candidate will be.

      I believe you need to address your anger toward Reince Priebus. Shall I get his contact information for you or can you handle it on your own?

        • Don’t recall saying you were. Reading comprehension: get some.

          • I implied nothing, skippy. I simply stated fact. If you feel triggered by that, maybe you should retreat to your safe space and stare lovingly at a picture of Der Cheeto until you feel better.

  18. LC, yes your vote belongs to you but doesn’t effect only you. It effects your kids, my kids, Clete’s, Stephan’s, and QueenB’s, and so does your abstention.

    • I’m doing a write in for President. No way I’m voting to put Trump in office. You see, I teach my children that you don’t necessarily go along with what’s popular, you must do what’s right. Trump isn’t right.

    • And so does yours. When you keep doing the same thing that you have been doing for years and getting the same results has serious ramifications. You shouldn’t be mad at people when they point out the stupidity of doing that.

      The truth hurts sometimes.

      • You see a vote for DJT as doing the same thing but not Cruz, the professional politician?

        • Trump is the guy who puts the politicians in office (mostly democrats) and helps them stay there.

        • Cruz has fought the establishment politicians since day one. Gee, I wonder if that’s why Trump can talk about all the politicians he’s talked to who say they don’t like Cruz. They like Trump though!

        • I am voting my principles. I have voted for the lesser of two evils for far too long and won’t do it anymore. Especially since there isn’t a lesser of two evils this time. Cruz is in his first term as a senator. Trump has been involved and influencing politics for much longer.

          Much worse, he calls his supporters stupid, And has broken the law. By voting for Trump you are voting for a criminal.

          • By allowing Hillary to win you are in effect voting for an even bigger criminal

          • If not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary, then not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump. See we’re all helping out to beat the wicked witch of the west.

        • I see a vote for tRump as my intelligence succumbing to the Democrat Party.

          • So just cast your non-vote directly for Hillary, you’ll show them….

          • Not voting for tRump =/= a vote for Hillary, regardless of your burning desire to think that it does. But using your ‘logic’ wouldn’t not voting for Hillary be a vote for tRump?

        • Again with the “professional politician”. Have you seen the amount of “professional politicians” that have endorsed Trump? Have you seen the amount of “professional politicians” that abhor and despise Cruz for not playing the game in DC?

          Can you check yourself before you wreck yourself?

    • I am not abstaining. The word is “affect”, by the way.

      No, my vote affects only me, as it is tied to my conscience. I do right by me and my own. Again, stop trying to guilt me into voting for a fake conservative. It will not work.

  19. So if you won’t vote for DJT and won’t vote (D) you still don’t see your vote as wasted?

    • Speaking for myself, no. My vote is not wasted.

      Recall that it is also not wanted by Trump. He said he can win without the “Never Trump” crowd.

  20. I have voted (R) since RR held office. In my state (NJ) I voted for Steve Lonegan, Christy won. I voted for Anna Little, but we got (The Despicable) Frank Pallone Jr. I am tired of tilting at windmills.

  21. Homework for Clete…when was the last time someone not (D) or (R) won the Presidency?

    • You still owe answers from yesterday. Get back to me looking for an answer when you clear your backlog.

      • I never said DJT was the best and brightest just that he had the votes and Cruz didn’t. I just don’t want hillary, by hook or by crook.

        • But a good friend of hers, who has donated a whole bunch of money to her, should be totally fine.

          • It doesn’t matter what we say. You will vote for the (R), regardless of his ties to the (D). Because (R).

  22. So I’ve been reading the linked articles – Trump was a dick for taking 9/11 $$ but do you really think he’s wrong saying high-ranking military shouldn’t be talking to the press? Shouldn’t complaints go up the chain of command?

    • The military has a policy when it comes to the press. It is very specific. What Trump wants to do is prevent them from ever speaking to the press, which flies against current policy.

    • I am rather taken aback by your casual dismissal of the 9/11 money thing. This is not a one time thing. This is occurring behavior. I am sure you have heard of his foundation and the lack of transparency in dealing out the funds collected for vets.

      You will vote for him because he has an (R) after his name. Just as many voted for McCain and Romney for the same reason, and you will expect a different result. Good luck.

      • I did not casually dismiss the 9/11 $$ thing…many in my area were directly effected. No one here has convinvced me that not voting (R) is better than doing so. If Hillary is the (D) I will not vote third party candidate to make a point. God help us either way.

        • Many affected, and you will still give him your vote.

          Speaks volumes.

          • I was taught doing something was better tham doing nothing. You want me to believe in this case, that doing nothing is better than something?

          • I am doing something. It just happens to be the something you don’t like. GOP is done, dead. They have refused to listen to those of us who wanted a conservative candidate. I will cast my vote for the candidate who has earned it. Perhaps the GOP will notice when many of us do the same. Perhaps they won’t. But I can say this: the GOP will never listen to us if we keep doing things their way. And their way is no longer conservative.

        • And yet you complain about having voted for McCain and Romney. If we don’t make a point, how will the GOP ever learn to listen?

          • I will consider what you have said. I still have to vote in my primary so all is not lost.

  23. There are 20 states with open presidential primaries…in those states that already voted do you really believe libs crossed over en mass to elect Trump?

  24. My lumping Cruz with the GOPe was “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” but now that he’s “suspended” his campaign I’m not even sure if he’ll be on my ballot

    • He’s suspended, not withdrawn. He remains on ballots as such – if the GOP plays by the rules.

          • Howdy, Fred πŸ™‚

            I want to thank you for being so nice here. I appreciated the criticism and the valid points you made. Hope you had an easy day at the primary.

  25. Explain to me how yours is a winning strategy. Cruz was the better candidate but he failed to close and get the votes. You take the high road but give victory to the other side. I don’t get it.

    • There is no way to win. This is your first mistake. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the open primaries and caucuses had a lot of cross-overs come and vote for Trump for the reasons I said way above. Poll after poll showed Trump losing to Clinton. Most chose to acknowledge the few polls that had him ahead. Media bias worked against many candidates, and if you are fair, you will agree that Trump got more favorable coverage than any other candidate. You have seen how often the most moderate (R) gets the nomination. This is only different in that the most moderate (R) is really a (D), has been for decades.

      Your second mistake is thinking that there are two sides. There isn’t. Victory has already been achieved by the other side, because we have two liberals vying for the presidency. One we have knowledge on how she works and what she plans, the other, not so much. The strategy for conservatives is not to win the presidency. That option was taken away. The strategy now is to rebuild conservatism from the GOP ashes.

    • Because putting in a liberal posing as a republican is gonna be awesome for the GOP. Trump is everything liberals accuse conservatives of being. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. At least I didn’t think it was.

  26. I read the first two article you linked. As retired military I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with Trump’s position on keeping military off of the TV. The second article was a classic display of how to spin any facts to fit your narrative. The authors then assert as facts what Trump will or won’t do as elected. I’m stopping there and assuming the rest of the articles are equally unsupportive.

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